Monday 5 October 2015

Updated Cloaks WIP for Knights of Caliban

Hey all,

I had a little stab at cloaks in a different method at the weekend and here are the two that I managed to get done. They are made of the mesh with pva and superglued paper on top. Once dry this was cut out of paper to form a cloak shape and just bent and wobbled to look cloaky... I hope! I tried just layers of PVA over paper but I found this hard to work with, I think I'm just a bit clumsy and brutish with my manipulations. I found the mesh easy to bend and move without worry of destroying the whole thing with one slip of the wrist.

Thoughts? There are a lot more bends in the cloak than are really showing up in the pictures but I was thinking of smoothing putty/greenstuff over these to tidy up bends and creases in the cloak, particularly around the shoulder areas.

Peace out,



  1. I think they're great and the mesh creates a really nice texture to the cloak. I've some original Space Crusade Scouts that I'd been planning to add Camo Cloaks to but had staleld at the though of sculpting them. This may be a better option. PVA and tissue on top of the mesh, at what poit does the super glue come into play?

    1. Thanks Dave! I too baulked at the idea of sculpting cloaks and my milliput efforts without any mesh were bloody awful. To make these I just laid mesh over paper that had been spread with slightly water down PVA. I used a bigger sheet than needed as you can cut it to whatever shape afterwards anyway with small scissors. I then brushed on some more pva but it wasn't holding the mesh flat to the paper, so I ended up just putting drops of Super glue on top of the mesh at key points like around the edges and some in the centre before spreading them a bit with an old brush and then pushing the mesh flat with the stick end of a couple of brushes. The super glue seems to mix with the PVA and almost coagulate really quickly bonding it fast even with the gaps in the mesh. I've used this sort of reaction a few times when I want to speed up a PVA based gluing event. I hope that makes sense!

  2. Thay is a good idea Rob, and they do look pretty good. Maybe just a little fill here and there but overall I like em

  3. Those look great, man! And yeah, working with just paper+PVA is really fiddly, and can frustrating easily.