Saturday 29 April 2017

Imperial Militia Command Squad - WIP

Good Afternoon al,l,

I've been hard at work recently trying to really get some good progress on building all the remaining models I have for my larger Heresy army projects. This involves Belisarius Cawl, who is currently still in various states of sub assembly before I get round to under coating him (crappy weather getting in the way), AND building my all raging heroes Imperial Militia. 

I have a total of 43 Infantry models for my Imperial Militia, 3 Tanks (currently) and 9 laser destroyer arrays. Two of the Tanks are built and painted, the Laser arrays are built but need a few bits of green stuffing magnet holes that were pre drilled, and now I have my entire command Squad built. 

The command Squad will have the Force Commander (sword pointing out), the Platoon Commander (sword pointing down), the Standard Bearer, Vox Operator (only one without a helmet) and 6 Grenade Launchers in it! These will all be in one of the counts as Proteus tanks I've shown you before. 

Part of the reason that I have been so determined to make headway on these has been the upcoming advent of 8th Edition, where I'd like to give a lot of my attention over to that, but mostly it has been because April was my designated off month from working on Commissions. I have just one customer right now, but boy do I have A LOT of stuff to do for him. 

As well as finish off the Dark Angels I already have built and ready to go under the paint brush, I have a WHOLE Ravenwing army to build and paint, plus some greenwing as well. This will keep me busy up till October which is the deadline for getting this done. I very kindly have permission to play with this army as well, so hopefully I will be able to get some games of 40k in when the new rules drop and see how it plays.

Expect to see a lot of Dark Angels over the coming months, as well as continued progress on the Militia, Cawl and also another Tank for my Solar Auxilia. Whilst I had been done with them, I now have decided to move a Tank that was for the Militia over to the Auxilia, as I want ALL of my Militia tanks to be walking tanks. 

Have a great weekend,

Peace out,


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