Thursday 6 April 2017

MDF Terrain! TTCombat Buildings - Mini-review

Hey all,

I've been taking time to actually build terrain for once! This is truly a miracle of the modern age ;) I purchased about £60 worth of MDF terrain from the Troll Trader on eBay, which is sold under the brand of TTCombat. I've built roughly £40 worth of that purchase and wanted to show it off before it gets a lick of paint. 

This stuff will be getting a simple paintjob. Textured paint, sprayed black and drybrushed grey before a matt varnish. I just want to get something up and running to give me a decent variety of terrain to play on at home. 

Also, for reference, the mat the terrain is shown on is from Urban Matz and is their Badlands design :)

First off, this is the size of the box that the terrain is currently stored in and can be condensed down too, so it fits very nicely under the bed and takes up very little space as well. This is pretty crucial for me as I live in a one bedroom flat with my (very) understanding girlfriend Serena. As much as I would love a dedicated game room, that simply isn't going to happen for a very long time... if ever!

Here is an aerial view of mat with all of the terrain laid out. I think this is a pretty impressive coverage for about £40 worth of terrain I must say! This took me probably in the region of 3 hours to build all of it, just using PVA glue to hold it together. 

Here you can see two heavy support marines from the Sons of Horus in the middle of the field and also perched in a ruined building. Good cover and line of fire to be had!

Here you can see my knight and a krios venator trying there best to hide themselves! The knight doesn't have much to cover himself, but the venator hides himself quite well. 

A vorax can hide behind one of the outbuilding easily and as you can see the ceilings are removable so you can fit a squad of up to 5 marines on 32mm bases inside the building I believe. The windows give a nice shooting gallery for any marines inside, but they also allow shooting inward, albeit with a cover save. 

You could easily use these as actual building with hull points and blow them up if you wanted too. 

The central building also has a removable roof, and as you can see this makes them very useful for storing the little odds and sods from the kit. The barriers really help add little bits of cover throughout the buildings. 

The entire set condenses nicely and you can see the whole set back in its box!

I'm very happy with my purchase overall, and once I have the final amount of terrain built I will have more scatter terrain to provide cover including tank traps and storage containers. Additionally I will be building four walkway sets which will give a nice amount of elevation to the entire battlefield. 

The sets have little bits and bobs of machined detailing all about, but as I'm painting these incredibly simply, I believe these will be covered up, but you could easily pick them out nicely if you wanted to. I thoroughly recommend the TTCombat range, they are relatively simple to build and overall great value for money.

Peace out,



  1. Great work. Storage of terrain is always a hassle. I swear, it takes up about 2/3 of my hobby space at the moment.

    1. You have quite the impressive collection of terrain though! Especially with the coloured cards!

  2. Funnily enough, I just discovered TT Combat myself :) I really like their kits, a good and solid choice for scenery purchases.

    1. Being used in a certain tournament perhaps I... reckon ;)

  3. We've got Some of their Stuff for the brotherhood, looks very nice. You can get cheaper buildings but these have lots of nice detail to them as well.

    1. Yeah, and a good range to get a unified feel as well which is sometimes lacking