Friday 28 April 2017

Kromlech Releases - Chaos Winged Jump Pack

Hey all,

As I often do, rambling my way around the internet and looking in nooks and crannies for third party miniature bits, I come to Kromlech, and something always catches my eye! In this case, they have released some rather demonic looking jump packs designed for chaos forces. 

These would do very well for a Night Lords army to my mind, or as an addition to any Warp Talon or Raptor squad. Bear in mind that these are resin, so a little bit of hot water should allow you to bend the wings to achieve less flat posing. 

In the event of 8th Edition 40k rewarding themed armies, hopefully we'll be seeing more Night Lords armies and Raptors in general!

Peace out,



  1. Having only one design kind of kills it for me. Even GW's existing range of variation for Chaos stuff feels overly-repetitive and restricted, honestly. Chaos should have just ludicrous amounts of variety.

    1. I think you'd have to get the boiling water out to re-pose these, but I think that should give you a lot of dynamic posing options overall