Wednesday 26 April 2017

Oh What to Collect - 8th Edition 40k

Hey all,

As you can see, I have the obligatory 8th edition picture up, so you all know I mean business! There have already been several excellent posts looking at the changes we know are coming in 40k, From the Fang, The Burning Eye, Warpstone Flux, StandWargaming to name a few. Plus if you visit Faeit212 you'll find the latest updates on information as it comes out, or of course the new shiny Warhammer Community website. 

So instead of cycling through all these changes, as they will come whatever my opinion, I have decided to look at the armies represented in 40k and what this means for me and my collections. Regular visitors will know that I was bought the Triumverate of Ynnead not long ago, and I painted up the Yncarne quick sharp. This had spurred me on to start an Eldar army of Ynnari, avoiding as much filth as possible with the what was the then Eldar Codex. 

My motivations for this army have swung massively to indifference right now... Fortunately I have only the Triumverate and 10 Wraithblades to speak of for this foray into the Ynnari so I won't be losing out on much hobby capital. 

The BIG change coming regarding 40k for me is two-fold. 

Multiple Force Orgs and Command Points

The Warhammer Community team have given us absolute clarification that their will be multiple force organisation charts to build your army with. I can't help but feel this was adopted in some way from 30k where you have different force orgs representing different styles of armies, these alternate charts allow extra heavies or lords of war for example. 

This appears to be coupled with command points that reward particular thematic use of the force organisation charts. I am, predominantly, a player of fluff and theme. There are several armies in the 40k universe, that as much as I love, I would never collect. This is mostly due to the limitation of formations or troop choice, making it very difficult to actually present the theme that I want to convey. 

I am very much hoping that with such a multitude of force orgs (I believe they mentioned something in the region of 14 different charts), there will be greater scope to theme your army according to armies within the lore. 

IF this is the case, I would be very, very tempted to start something like an Ork army or perhaps the Militarum Tempestus. This also brings me to the second point...

The Codex is Dead. Long Live the Codex. 

I LOVE that they are resetting all rules to zero. This will go a long way to helping a relatively "balanced" meta appear. Yes, something will be stronger and abusable to a degree. But they seem to have been very hot on closing as many loop holes as possible when it comes to power gaming and death star combinations. 

Rather than a codex being released and either failing to fit the meta by being underpowered or overpowered, OR by being quickly left behind by a new edition or new releases, this resets all armies to 0. It also promises that each new codex equivalent will not have been developed in a vacuum, but with relative consideration to its context within the other armies. 

This, as much as the thematic force organisation charts, excites me to start looking at the lesser collected armies. Not only will they hopefully have more ways to be played, but they will be coming from a position of equality (as much as is possible) with the other armies in 40k. 

So What is Coming for Me...?

Obviously I can't fully answer this till the rules come out. But I will be buying them all on drop and perusing each army, and one will be picked to start a serious foray back into 40k. And I do have my favourites. Currently at the fore of my mind are:

Orks, Grey Knights, Militarum Tempestus, Skitarii/Cult Mechanicus, Alpha Legion CSM and Dark Eldar. 

I'm not going to set up a poll, but if you have any strong opinions on what you would love me to collect, either from the above or elsewhere then do let me know in the comments. Though bear in mind, I'm unlikely to paint any of them in canonical colours :P

That's all from me and my thoughts on 8th edition so far. I don't expect I will have much else to say till its release, which I eagerly anticipate!

Peace out,



  1. Hey Rob,
    I wouldn't worry too much. Core units will still be a necessity and won't get bad with the new edition. IMHO there's no reason to hesitate, if you really want to get started with something new.
    You could get some Militarum Tempestus for example, as you can use them for Killteam or Shadow War: Armageddon as well. With them as a starting point you could get some Astra Militarum. If you want to start something rarely seen, an Artillery company would be something to go for. Basilisks, Mortar Heavy Weapon teams and stuff like that could make an interesting set up. The MT could act as counter units, deep striking in.

    Looking forward to read what you will do.


    1. The difference with the new edition though, is that there might be detachments which don't need your current troop choices. This is important to me as I don't like playing models I don't like aesthetically, for example Ork boyz just look terrible to me with their overly squat legs.

      So I'm excited at the proposition of being able to take elite armies without paying "troop taxes" with the sacrifice being command points or paying more for using that detachment (like battalions in sigmar)

  2. Thanks for the shout Rob, I have more to come hopefully tonight or tomorrow!

    Personally I think I'd love to see you do something a little away from the existing armies I've watched you paint, plus something that I think would lend itself well to your painting style.

    By that of course, I mean Orks!

    1. Good point on the painting style.
      Would be interesting to see what you would do with Tyranids or Genestealer Cults. :-)

    2. Orks are REALLY tempting me...

  3. Honestly the new edition being announced has not changed my hobby plans one bit. I plan to keep going as I am. Doing up things I like the look of, how they play is secondary.

    1. Its less how they play, more that I CAN play them. There are lots of armies that are fluffy, but unless you play unbound they are defunct. Which is fine between mates, but I do like an army I can take to events

  4. I am planning to collect (more) Bolt Action Soviets :-)

    Not keen on Newhammer so far, though I'll give it a go. Moratorium on new GW putchases till it hits.

    1. I think it will pleasantly surprise you :)

      I've never been able to get behind WW games, just because they've already been done and the outcome decided you know? I've heard nothing but good stuff about it mind you :)

    2. The leaks have got better. I wonder if they got the most controversial stuff out first?

      Bolt Action is more a war film simulator than a serious historical game for rivet counters. Anyhow, its a reinforced platoon level warfare game and there were of course victories and defeats on all sides at that level, and indeed at campaign level. Does the same feeling stop you playing 30K, out of interest?

    3. I wouldn't be surprised if they have gotten more savvy to that sort of concept with the new GW.

      Well with the Horus Heresy, I very rarely repeat any battle from the fluff, so its more a case of the war on a galactic scale allowing you to play out battles that aren't really recorded, so its easier, for me at least, to create my own narrative for the game.

      I can see your point about platoon level warfare though, I hadn't really looked into the game much because of my above misgivings, its nice to have some inside info as it were on how it works :)

  5. Stick with the Ynnari dude. They will still be a thing in 8th ed

    1. Oh I know that, its more that they weren't my first pick for an army! They were picked for interest but also because I do want a competitive army to take to some more "serious" tournaments. The prospect of other none Eldar armies now being on a level playing field just excites me!

  6. CSM from the new starter kit? Deathguard hopefully. Your darker moody style would be awesome on that

    1. And join you and your "loyalist" Relictors? I think not you traitor scum :P