Tuesday 25 April 2017

Horus Heresy Imperial Militia - Counts as Proteus

Hey ho, lets go!

So one of the very best things about the Imperial Militia in the Horus Heresy, is that it gives you one of the greatest scopes for using whatever you fancy to represents units and vehicles. As an army, the Imperial Militia represents a time before the standardisation of the Imperial Guard (or Astra Militarum), and as such all of the armies are drawn from the available resources that each planet has, with a smattering of mechanicum developed vehicles thrown in.

This gives you a cornucopia of ways with which to model your armies! Obviously you won't be able to use them at any official GW events if you stray from their own range, but the temptation to make use of all those cool miniatures I've spotted over the years just proved far too irresistible for me!

To that end, I've converted (poorly I might add) some walking tanks from the old Dust Tactics game to represent my Land Raider Proteus troop carriers in my Imperial Militia army. I just love the idea of an army that has mostly utilised walking tanks, rather than tracked ones in its arsenal. 

Behold! Number 1:

There will be three of these in total when I am done... and I am considering purchasing some other walking tanks to really hammer home the aesthetic. I also have tripedal array for my laser rapier destroyer batteries so that should get the army looking on point. 

Peace out,



  1. That is pretty damn sweet Rob! I particularly like the camo tarp on the back covering the gun.

    1. It was just the easiest way to convert the guns on with minimal effort :P But it also makes them look like sensible types!

  2. Looking great, there! I've thought about something similar at various times, but I've never been able to get a clear indication of how big those Dust Tactics walkers are in comparison to 40K Vehicles, and they're a bit pricer than I want to shell out for sight unseen. Could we get a shot of that, say, in between a Rhino and a Land Raider for scale?

    1. Its got more or less the same footprint, but I'd be cautious taking it to an event I think.

      Once I've got the Deathwing Landraiders painted up I can put it between them for scale, but no Rhino sadly! I can get one taken once the army is ready for playing as my mates do though.

    2. Even just next to a regular Land Raider would be nice, since I've also never actually seen a Land Raider Proteus in the flesh (resin?), and don't have a great idea of how large they are, either. Thanks!

      I've actually been thinking of using them for Renegade Guard, as various Chimera-based Vehicles. I think they're about right if I just tell people to ignore the legs.

    3. Dust tactics is full of great models for Renegade guard and militia, sometimes tricky to get them at a good price though!

      I'm afraid mine will just be phobos pattern comparison, but they are much the same size as a proteus. Only the Spartan is significantly bigger, both longer and wider

    4. Next to a Phobos is what I want to see, since I have those around to compare.