Saturday 19 December 2015

Blood Angel Terminators - Re-highlighting

Hey everyone,

In another bid to avoid painting that damn drop pod I have begun doing a few painting/modelling jobs that needed doing but were low reward/low priority jobs. Well they've jumped to the top of the queue!!

The first blood angels I painted were a squad of hammernators from the blood angel specific boxset, and well shit, I made a bloody mess of them! They were painted before I gave real thought to improving my painting and so are noticeably a lower level of painting. They are still perfectly fine for tabletop gaming and I'm not embarrassed by them or anything but I've come along a lot. 

So I decided to go back and add an extra highlight to them to just make them a bit more presentable I started one guy before I realised I should do a before shot so here's 4 termies before the extra highlight:

And here are all 5 after the additional highlight. I do apologise for the poor lighting, instead of buying an additional lamp I've decided to see if my parents have bought me the foldio that I have been asking for as a present for some time, its a bit pricey so I'm not sure but thought I'd wait and see. If you don't know what a foldio is, look them up they are very cool!

Its only a little thing but I think it makes them look that much better for it in the long run, the flash has washed the finer highlights out as well so they are more prominent than the pictures suggest. 

Next up I have these guys and 5 lightning claw termies (who I learnt enough by that point to have already highlighted them) as well as Captain Karlaen and my Furioso Dreadnought who all need the rim of their bases painting black and some static grass and pebble stone things adding to their bases. Hopefully get them done early next week and then these guys are actually done!

Peace out,



  1. Amazing how much you can get done when you're putting off something else, innit?