Tuesday 8 December 2015

Bike mounted Dark Angels Librarian - Slow progress

What's up!

Basically, I'm putting off painting the drop pod for my devastators because I know how much line highlighting is involved and the taping and painting of the hazard stripes on the doors takes bloody forever and is a pain in the arse!

So last nights project was doing another model I've been putting off because is fiddly and that was my final librarian for my dark angels librarius conclave that is mounted on a bike for extra jinky shenanigans.

But I managed to finish his basecoating and give him a quick wash in nuln oil before I start layering all the paints up:

I'm not entirely convinced with him to be honest, but I shall see how he looks with some more paint on, I can always strip him if need be.

Peace out,



  1. He looks good to me. I'd be more than willing to put him on the table at this point, myself.

    1. Thanks man, thats really appreciated. I will feel better I'm sure when he is done, I'm just distracted by shiny things...

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers :) I woild have loved it if space marine bikes had been more rat bike like than the heavy solid block they are now.

    2. I really think they need to re-do the SM Bikes with narrower tires. There was a reason for the chunky tires back before GW had bases for them, and they had to (sort of) stand up on their own, but now that we have bases, a better set of proportions would be great.