Thursday 24 December 2015

The First Legion Grows Stronger!!

Afternoon all,

So, having been slightly overpaid this month (don't know why and don't much care!) I went hunting on eBay and picked up the all dark Angel side of dark vengeance for £30 including postage!

This means I can field a more sizeable chunk of ravenwing as well as try my hand at painting deathwing. But more importantly I can now go full cheese and field TWO demi-companies in the lion's blade detachment and therefore get free transports if I want too. 

To be clear I think it's a silly rule but the possibility is there if I attend more of the ultra competitive tournaments in the future providing they haven't compd it. 

This also lends creedence to the fact I am addicted! Expect much more of the first legion in 2016 :) 

Peace out, 


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