Monday 28 December 2015

Final 10 Death Company Built - The end is nigh

How do,

So the journey for more death company is finally at an end! I have built the last 10 Death Company I intend to build (.... for now....). This will bring me up to 40 Death company in the elite slot with jump packs and 45 Death Company total including Raphen's Death Company OR 47 Death Company total if you include both Cassor the Damned and Lemartes Guardian of the lost as well. 

These chaps were made using the Blood Angel specific tactical squad legs and torso with Death company arms, shoulder pads and jump packs. So all 40 of them are all made with entirely Blood Angel parts except for maybe 3-4 arms from the vanguard veterans sprues.

Here they are in all their glory:

I am looking forward to the day when I have all my Death Company styled Angels on the table! As well as these guys I have one single already undercoated Death Company blood angel left to paint from the previous batch who is already undercoated with a single drybrush layer done. So 11 mini's from this concept being completed!

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    1. Awesome :) I am very excited to get these final 11 done! If I do I may well be taking them over to table top tactics in early february to shoot a battle report which should be fun!