Sunday 27 December 2015

Spartan Assault Tank - Counts as Conversion Complete

Hi folks,

I hope you peoples have had a lovely christmas and are none the worse for wear after the festivities! This post is just an update on my counts as Spartan assault tank for my 30k Dark Angels. I finally won enough bits on ebay to construct the sponsons. Nothing complicated here, just a normal lascannon sponson with an additional gun in the middle, to be used as laser destroyers rather than quad lascannons. 

A little bit of greenstuff crack filling required but other than that the next time you see this monstrosity it should have its first lick of paint!

Peace out,



  1. Definitely a bit worse for wear - right now (relatives round here so alcohol required) But that looks awesome!

    1. Thanks man, got a few bad reactions which threw me a bit, but glad you approve dude!

      Hope your head is none the worse for wear come morning!