Wednesday 2 December 2015

Sniper Scouts from Anvil Industry WIP

Hi peoples,

I started work on the scouts for my Dark Angels last for some relief from line highlighting. I want these guys to look "sensible" so I am going for very muted colours with a dark grey armour and fuzzy camo. I also want all the metal areas to look greased as if to prevent light glaring off them. These guys still need some basecoating and then a wash before I bring up the armour a little and do the camo lightly again.

I'm happy with them so far so I will keep going and see how they turn out, but its thin layers so I can always strip em off if I'm not happy.

I also got round to drybrushing the doors of my drop pod for the devastors with dark angels green. The main body will stay black though, I have still to decide on the door emblems for now. The devastator sergeant his also awaiting his paint job!

Peace out,



  1. Heh. Sensible with bloody big sniper cannons! Nice work on the camo scheme, it can be hard to nail the muted tones necessary.

    1. Haha yes.. well super humans and all that.. stealthy stealthy :P Thanks though :) I hope you like the finished product!