Saturday 12 December 2015

Converted Counts as Caestus Assault Ram for Dark Angels - WIP

Hey everyone, I hope the weekend finds you well,

So I wanted to use a caestus assault ram for my 30k Dark Angels army as a means of transporting my terminators into the heart of the enemy. However they are over £100 and I also felt that given everything else in the army is converted and looks a bit half assed to boot that a pristine unconverted model would stick out like a sore thumb.

Thus I looked into converting or scratch building a ram. I stumbled upon the above picture which shows sketches of potential ram designs by the forgeworld team before they settled on the one at the bottom of the page. I genuinely didn't think I could make that look good, the separation between the two front arms just worried me as I am a very untidy and and amateur converter. 

But I looked at the design at the top right they rejected and thought I cold handle that! So below is my WIP for building that. Its just inspired by that concept (i.e. looks nothing like it) and I really am not good at using plasticard and foamboard etc, but feedback will help me improve it I am sure! The photos are  many and varied in their quality but I just snapped as many as I could to try and let you see all of it.

The plan is to have two magma cannon looking things on the turrets that will be blasting the hole that the front would ram into and disgorge its contents. Other than that I am worried about the wings really!

All the bits for this by the way cost me £50 total so even though it looks like a lot of kits to smash together its still half the price of buying the ram proper!

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  1. Nice! I noticed a while ago that StormRaven Hulls are only like $14 on Hoard o' Bits, and I've been trying to think of some way to take advantage of that. This looks like a great idea.