Wednesday 6 January 2016

Blog Recommendations - Objective Secured


This is the second in my series of blog recommendations, and today I am going to be telling you all about Objective Secured. This is a blog that I started reading primarily for the amazing Dark Eldar conversion of NaffNaff (or Nathaniel but Naff is my preferred moniker for him). These are truly fabulous creations that I will go over below.

However in addition to Naff, there are a couple of other bloggers who post there which adds some very interesting variety to the style of work that you see. Similarly this is a blog that covers multiple game systems beyond 40k such as Malifaux and Dropzone Commander. While I don't play any of these other systems. the miniatures are beautiful and it is always interesting to see the different styles of painting that come through because of the miniature and the style of its respective game universe. 

Below are a few highlights I have picked out for your perusal!

Dark Eldar - The Danse Macabre

One of the truly unique armies out there in any corner of the 40k hobbyverse is Naff's Dark Eldar. Each individual model has been exquisitely hand crafted to looking like a disturbing part of a multi-coloured circus act. The imagination and forethought that have gone into each model is immense and couple that with an extremely skilled converting and painting hand gives you some of the best miniatures I have ever seen. Below are a few pictures but if you want to see more look here!

Dark Mechanicus - Corrosive by Nature

One of the other bloggers at Objective Secured is Arcade. In a similar vein to Naff above, Arcade has put an amazing amount of effort into his stunning Dark Mechanicus army. Unwittingly I saw this army displayed at Blog Wars X before I realised it was his and voted for it in the best converted army category. It is simply brilliant with a great lashing of fun, again like Naff's army. There is a whole range of miniature companies represented in his collection, some certainly not even intended for tabletop use, but they all come together very well when you see them on the tabletop. Again below are a few pictures but for more follow this link!

The Scourge Descend

One of the more recent additions to the hobby interests of the blog is Dropzone Commander. This is a game that I think I would really love to play, but with so much time and money tied up in 40k AND not having a regular playing partner for that I haven't invested anything in it. Sadly I just don't have any friends who are greatly interested in tabletop gaming so getting games in is just that much easier with more widely played games in my area. However I have heard nothing but good things about the game and the company behind it Hawk Wargames. Here is a couple of shots of Naff's scourge (the baddies in Dropzone) which look great! More pictures over here.

Honourable Mentions

I could keep going through this blog and bringing out picture after picture of fantastic miniatures but that would be a very long post! I will finish this off my giving you a couple more pictures that I just really like. The first is some Tau by the third contributor to Objective Secured, Xacheriel. I love these Tau because they have a real Gundam worn look to them, proper battlefield equipment!

And the final picture is one of Naff's Malifaux miniatures. The viscera painting on this mini is just perfect. I cannot think of a single way it could be improved.

In Summary

Read this blog! The painting is exceptional, the converting even more so, and the range of styles and games with a general more 40k focused experience is absolutely brilliant. They are also great at replying to comments and talking about techniques so I urge you to head on over and have a browse at Objective Secured!

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  1. I couldn't agree more - with the possible exception of Mr Pink this blog is the most impressive example of conversion skill out there (in my own humble and skill-less opinion!).

    1. Couldn't agree more Nick :), good shout out for Mr Pink too!

  2. Thanks for the reccomendation Rob. I really appreciate the shout out and kind words :)