Monday 25 January 2016

Some Reveals of my Forgeworld goodness!

Hi Folks,

As promised I am going to stop being an arse and actually show you some of the forgeworld good that I have been purchasing! Only a few though but I'll go over what to expect coming up :) So here's a few photos and some blurb below!

So!! A Xiphon interceptor for my Alpha Legion and some mechanicum! The Xiphon is one of three flyers, the other two being a pair of Fire Raptors, one of them is nearly built which has been something of an arduous process when you discover you didn't straighten something enough very early on and it all goes out of kilter... 

There is a fair few more castellax and thallax to come and these will make up a 1300-1500 points mechanicum force until I can afford a couple of Thanatars... But they will also be allies for my Alpha Legion and even accompany a Praevian or Forge Lord that I will convert for my Alphas.

The canopy of the Xiphon is plasticard, because the original one had to be removed from my foot... Problem of having a bedroom/study/hobby room personal living room all in one!! You can also see that I have cut big (terrifying process!) chunks out of the Xiphon for battle damage which should hopefully be easier to paint than stylised chips and also look cool!

I hope this has whetted your appetite for things to come :)

Peace out,



  1. It certainly has Rob! So the Xiphon is going to be typical Alpha legion colours or camoflaged?

    Got interviewed on Splintermind last night for Hero for a Day - gave you a namecheck in terms of the raffle prizes so there's no backing out now! ESE is also going to paint us something up for the raffle along with doing some voiceover stuff.

    1. The Xiphons going to be in regular colours, but I find that with resin if I'm undercoating it white it always turns out better with a black underneath it first, not sure why!

      Well Grimaldus and the Castigator are sitting in the wings waiting to swoop mate :)

  2. I love the FW Mechanicum stuff. They've got a really great aesthetic going on there.

    1. Yeah i'm really looking forward to getting some paint on them, my initial thoughts are a brushed red metal body and hazard stripe pauldron/details, but still umming and ahhing