Wednesday 13 January 2016

Leviathan Dreadnought - Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

Here's just a very quick update of the building of my leviathan. The leviathan was a parting christmas present from my now ex-girlfriend, so building it has been a very bitter sweet experience. Hopefully it will reign supreme on the battlefield to help assuage the bitterness. 

I've sort of got stuck as I wait on an order of magnets before I can proceed. Disappointingly I found the resin very warped and brittle in some places, coupled with the high price tag that was very irritating. I have heard that FW are great with these things, but unfortunately that would necessitate talking to my ex-girlfriend which I am in no state to do! But the pieces were fine after a good deal of bending and preparation, its just not what you expect with that price tag, but I don't think you can tell I had issues.

I'm planning on having him quite dynamically posed and holding a severed space marine in one of his claws, I plan on always running him with one claw so I don't mind making that permanent, the other arms will be swappable for ranged weapons. 

In the background you are treated to 3 different sneak peaks! One is my counts as spartan assault tank, the second is my near completed ravenwing and the third is hiding in the shadows and I will give anyone who gets it right an internet cookie :) it is very hard to make out!

Peace out,



  1. Looks like a drop pod to me?

    Looking forward to seeing how this comes on, as the leviathan is a tasty looking piece of kit!

    1. I see where you're coming from but swing and a miss!

      Yeah its looks really bulky and mean, I'm agonising over what I want the bases to be to make the models really pop though!

  2. If it's hiding in the shadows it must be Deathleaper!

    1. Ah! Thats what rustling and keeping me awake at night!