Sunday 24 January 2016

Blood Angel Drop Pod WIP - For Furioso!!

Good afternoon,

I apologise if my post become somewhat deranged over the next couple of weeks. I am currently on day 3 of 20 straight days at work because my experiments requires that I be in at 6.30 am all of those days which involves getting up at an hour most unheard of (unless viewed from the other side when you haven't gone to bed...).

Anyway, distracting away from my Dark Angels and 30k Projects, I am determined to finish off my Blood Angels. I have no plans to buy any more models than I currently have for the Blood Angels, though that may change if/when a new codex comes out...

But to increase the efficiency of my Furioso dreadnought and so I can run it along with Cassor the Damned, I am painting him up his own drop pod in the red colours. And here is the progress so far!

On top of this pod I also have 10 scouts, 5 sanguinary guard (converted from the AoS prosecutors), 6 assault marines, and then finally 11 more Death Company! All of these are built and undercoated, so I'm hoping I can put in a big push and get them done in Q1 (business talk!)...

BUT despite that here is a picture of a little side project I am starting as a means to practise using my airbursh without ruining any of my main projects (or main side projects...)...

I'm going to be attempting a scheme where the stealth field is engaging/disengaging so it should be fun!

Peace out,



  1. I like the wings on the drop pod doors, looks really cool

    1. I must admit I got that drop pod from Nick so the Burning Eye can take all the credit for the idea!

  2. So weit, so gut!

    On the work schedule:

  3. Ahhh, I remember those days. I did a battery of experiments in Canberra, 3 hours from home, and it was grueling. I stayed there for a week but hated it, so for the last couple of runs I did day trips. 6 hours of travel book-ending 10-12 hours of physical chemistry and 2D NMR spectroscopy is enough to drive anyone bonkers.

    1. Yeah I feel that pain! I think my worst was dosing every 3 hours for 2 days and repeating it 4 times in a fortnight... shudder! I'm always surprised how shattering travelling is as well so well done you!