Friday 1 November 2019

The End

Dear All,

For those who enjoyed reading my blog and to those who still occasionally come looking for new content, I first of all want to say thank you to you all. 

Writing this blog has allowed me to engage with so many people, many at a distance but also many in person. And all I have had the pleasure of talking to have universally been lovely folk who enjoy this hobby as much as I do. This has spurred me on to better things with my hobby; painting, playing and general immersion wise. 

But I feel the need to formally draw a close on this blog as my life and therefore hobby change at an ever rapid pace. 

For those that don't know me intimately, I have several serious mental health issues, which anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medication (amongst a plethora of others medications and care for none-neurotypical conditions) can only impact so much. I have generally speaking deteriorated over the last few years for a whole mixture of reasons and the weight of personal, private and professional expectation has burdened me to the point of exhaustion. 

I need to take a long hard look at my life and my hobby and  make some drastic changes to bring everything down to a manageable level. Even if this means selling the majority of my hobby, just so I have a small amount of miniatures to paint and a small amount of people to interact with. 

This in no way reflects on those kind souls that have met me, even though I am silent most of the time, it is no indictment of you as people. It is simply a reflection of me hugging my knees to my chest and watching my phone buzz away, with a frightening level of mental paralysis to actively engage with the world. 

This may (or may not) come as a shock to those who have met me or seen me online. I will still be appearing online in videos and such, but I ask you to bear in mind that I (like many people with mental health issues) wear a mask on a daily basis with a well defined plan for each day and interaction, even down to specific conversations. 

Finally, I just want to reiterate the joy that this blog gave me for such a good period of time. I would not trade it for the world. And who knows, I may be back one day with something neat to show you. I simply cannot say. 

Friends, its been a blast. 

Peace out, 


Friday 30 November 2018

A Gentleman's Disagreement - Golden Demon Finalist - Duel Category

Hey hey hey,

I spent a few evenings over a fortnight working on a little Duel diorama to enter into a Golden Demon at Warhammer World this month. You can see the stages of genesis below as well as the finished piece. 

I really enjoyed building this little world and giving it character and unspoken story, it really kind of sang to my creative side in a way I didn't expect. Joyfully it also garnered me a second Golden Demon Finalist Pin (Pictured at the end). 

Quite disappointingly however, Magnus the Red got dismissed to the bottom shelf dramatically early on in the judging. This wouldn't bother me such had it not been for spending about 10x the hours on Magnus than I did on this Duel!! The standard was, as always, pretty mind blowing, so after some sulking and reflection I am still very happy to come away with a finalist pin and be sitting at 2 finalist pins out of 2 Golden Demons. 

Going forward I think I will be concentrating on Duels and Dioramas now though, from both an enjoyment perspective and that I think I stand a marginally better chance of placing in those categories. 

Anyway, pictures!

Oh, I'm also Dr Rob Hill now!!! I've finally finished my PhD, I just have to actually attend my graduation, but all the paperwork is in now and I can join the esteemed company of Mike and Marc with their big noggins!

As always, if you've stopped by to have a nose I am very grateful and I'm always hoping to become more regular at blogging. It is amazing how quickly you can slip out of it. 

Peace out,


Saturday 13 October 2018

Magnus the Red - Golden Demon Entry

Hello hello hello,

I've been very very busy painting Magnus the Red and here is the finished Primarch himself!! This will be a Golden Demon Entry for me at some point, I'd like to enter him into the Nov 25th Golden Demon but I'm struggling to get a lift up to Nottingham from Bristol so it seems unlikely right now. 

I don't think he is good enough to place in the top three of any Golden Demon Event, but I'm quite confident that he would make it as a finalist. 

Thoughts and opinions on his painting and chances in any painting competitions is always welcome! I'm very pleased with him, Magnus feels like a real step forward in the right direction towards getting a Golden Demon Trophy of any colour. 

Peace out,


Tuesday 25 September 2018

Vampire Lord Complete and Magnus...Did NOTHING WRONG

Hello again,

Quite the industrious week for me in terms of posting. Twice eh! Blimey. I've been beetling along with me Vampire Lord and I am reasonably happy with where he is now. He is a practise piece for various concepts which includes the base (more below). So here he is done, sans basing. 

For the basing, I'm going to make him into a little diorama as I have no intention of collecting vampires for AoS unless they re-do the blood knights. I've ordered some bats and swiped a mausoleum for the garden of morr set on eBay. The vampire lord will be astride the bats as they smash out of the roof of the mausoleum, which will itself be half buried in a dirt mound with zombies crawling from the grounds. Exciting!

In other news, the techniques practised here are now being put into action on their original target - Magnus. Here's a quick look at where I got to last night.

Obviously as huge way to go, but will pootle on as we go!

Peace out,


Thursday 20 September 2018

Vampire Lord - Practising Painting

Fancy meeting you here!

Oh so long since my last post. Forgive me for I have sinned. Prioritising real life always makes me resent not being able to hobby for a living... Anyway I have now submitted my PhD and I am awaiting my viva on Friday the 16th of November. However, in other good news I am also fairly certain I will be moving to Nottingham for a post doc in the new year and so be right by the hobby mecca!

Anyway, enough of that. I have been trying out other painting techniques in my spare time (as well as painting for Winters Seo) on spar miniatures I have lying around. So here we are with my Vampire Lord. I'm thinking of making him into a diorama. 

Thoughts my friends?

Peace out,