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Welcome to the 30Kplus40K commission Gallery and Information Page!

I have recently started taking a small number of commissions on to help both with real world finances, but also to provide a cash reserve that will allow me to continue to make up to date purchases of models, rules and equipment that will help expand the blog and keep it up to date with the ever changing world of the hobby.

My painting has a very particular style that is apparent in some of the below examples, though I am malleable and able to provide other techniques beyond my own personal preference. 

However this is not my primary job nor income and as such I lay no claim to being the best there is or being able to provide every type of look or style that is achievable. 

I also don't offer different levels of service such as other commission painters. Any commission placed with me will get the fullest of my ability and attention for one price. Variation in price will come from the complexity and material cost of complex basing and the models themselves, but every miniature will get the same level of care and attention as my own miniatures would.

Below you can find a rough pricing guide for each size of miniature. More detailed miniatures will usually come with a higher price tag, and larger single orders will always come with some level of discount. 

Guide Prices

25-32mm Miniature = £3-4

40mm Miniature = £3-5

Dreadnought = £8-12

Monstrous Creatures = £10-15

Small Ground Vehicles (Rhino - Leman Russ) = £10-15

Large Ground Vehicles (Land Raider - Malcador Chassis) = £20-25

Small Flyers (Xiphon Interceptor - Storm Talon = £20-25

Large Flyers (Storm Raven - Valkyrie)  = £25-30

Imperial Knight = £60-80

Simple Basing = £0.50-1.50

Complex Basing = £2-4

The prices above, and the example models in brackets are exclusively a BROAD guideline that can go down in price as well as up!. For a detailed  and accurate price please email me at Obviously the list is not exhaustive!

Its also worth noting that I do this as a side job and so the number of jobs I can take on at any one time is limited. I've currently decided to keep 4 slots open at any one time, regardless of job size (within reason). Below you can see if I have any current jobs on the go. If I am fully booked up you can email me and I'll add you to a waiting list and you'll be given first slot choice when a job is complete and I'm free :)



The service I received from 30kplus40k commission service was really good value and prompt. I was kept informed of progress, whether it be when the minis arrived, state of construction, ideas for colours etc. and was sent progress shots and an example of test mini scheme before the rest of the unit was completed in good time and tracked through the post until safely back to me. A great service, good price and great standard of work along with good communication throughout. Thoroughly recommended for when the to-do pile gets out of hand! 

Gallery of Work


Personal Collection

Any questions please email me at :)

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