Wednesday 30 September 2015

Dark Angel Devastators with Converted Grav Cannons

Hello peoples,

Here's a quick shot of my Devastators with the converted Grav Cannons about their person. I ended up utilising the power lead from the plasma cannon to attach it to the back pack, though after I had fully committed to this it soon transpired to be a massive pain, as you may be able to tell from the dodgy cables. I am not a particularly skilled converter but I am not unhappy with the overall effect.

I also have something of a love hate relationship with magnets... As you can see the back pack and gun arms come all off in one piece. You'll also notice I used the sternguard body kit and legs for these guys. I thought it would look cool on Devastators and I think it really does. However it also actually gives me the option of using them as dark angel veterans if I want to provided I magnetise all the back pack and arm options, happy days!!

I still need to add the left shoulder pad to these guys but I'm still awaiting my order from wayland games, every time I order speciality items from them I swear its the last time I use them.

Thoughts always welcome and appreciated mes amis.

Peace out,


Tuesday 29 September 2015

Grav Cannon Conversion

Hi Readers,

Just a short post about how I am converting up some grav cannons for my Dark Angel Devastators. I found this on another website (DakkaDakka I think) so I'm not claiming it as my own idea, but put here for posterity all the same. Its built from the Grav cannon off the Ad Mech Destroyer dudes and a plasma cannon. I picked up the bits for all 4 from a bitz site for about £12 including postage. Given that I already had bodies and torsos for the Devastators its worked out nice and cheap!

So here the two pieces are before I start.

So you take the Plasma Cannon and cut off the unneeded tubing for now, I use a scalpel.

I then cut the front of the plasma cannon off with a bone saw.

Scalpel to remove the exhaust thing from the top as it got in the way for the next bit.

I then cut down to the depth I need to place the grav cannon part on. I just eyeballed this.

Then cut along the bottom edge to remove that lump out.

You can see here with a dry fit that the rounded bottom makes it sit awkwardly.

So to flatten this out, I first nick through the bottom tube as indicated by the scalpel point.

I then cut down through the first sticky out bit on the left end. It pinches in so can be cut off alone making the last cut that little bit smaller so your less likely to go wrong.

And then finally you cut the bottom section off to a flat level but leaving the tube intact as a ledge.

 Dry fit with blu tack

Glued together

And here with first one I made.

Hopes this helps anyone in need of Grav cannons that doesn't mind having a unique looking one and doesn't want to shell out. I've since converted up the other two and am now building the devastators. I need guitar wire to connect the plasma cannon back pack with the gun or if it doesn't prove to fiddly I might use the left over tubing from the plasma cannon. Once these guys are built and magnetised I will get you some pictures.

Peace out,


Sunday 27 September 2015

Knights of Old Caliban - 30k conversion from Age of Sigmar


So I was chatting on one of the 40k communities on google+ the other day and the subject of my 30k aspirations came up. I had considered Dark Angels as a possibility (along with virtually every other playable faction as they are all brutally fantastic) but because of the lack of legion specific rules this time I had put them to one side. 

However my recent foray into 40k as truly stoked by inner unforgiven and one night, whilst unable to sleep, I was poking around with my spare bits and the stormcast sprues I had picked up dirt cheap from the Age of Sigmar release set. The following is the result of a bit of kit-bashing and converting - pretty intense converting by my standards but nothing too big really. 

The reaper autocannon conversion with a wee bionic leg...

And the sergeant because he has the coolest pose I think...

I used a lot of Chaos Space Marine bits in the conversion as I like the overly baroque nature of their armour and I felt it fit the 30k aesthetic and Sigmarite aesthetic better as well. I am particularly pleased with the sergeants pose (the one without the top knot) and also the converted reaper autocannon from cotton bud tubes a flamer and some random chunk of dreadnought plastic. I am also surprisingly happy with the little bionic leg too. I like how it looks a bit weedy, in my head that highlights how bionic tech was a bit less developed... perhaps?

Anyway, I only gave him a bionic leg because I couldn't find his actual one...

Thoughts on these guys and if you would be happy to face them as 30k terminators would be much appreciated.

They still have plenty of clean up work to do and I will either have to purchase some brass dark angel decals from forge world or work some DA specific icons on them some other way, but they are pretty much done regarding the bulk. I also have a load of little waist items to add to modernise them up a bit and the like.

I have plans for another 5 man squad using up my final 5 liberators but these will have volkite pistols and power swords instead of lightning claws, but will still have the reaper autocannon. 

Peace out,


The State of the Games of GW


A little bit of an opinion piece here. Nothing too deep, just some musing I have been rolling over my tongue the past few weeks and felt the need to pontificate out loud. Be warned its quite long and there are no more pictures...

Age of Sigmar

Its no secret that the past 12-18 months has seen some seismic changes in our hobby when viewing it from a GW-centric view. The dissolution of Warhammer Fantasy along with the introduction of Age of Sigmar has seen the community, as a whole, split in opinion. The simplicity of the rules is in and of itself not the greatest source of ire with Age of Sigmar, nor is the change in aesthetic (though many may dislike it), but it is two fundamental aspects of the game that have been changed to my mind that have brought about the outcry against Age of Sigmar.

The first of these is the obvious lack of points attached to each unit. The suggested balance of the armies is too essentially "feel it out". Now whilst I absolutely understand why people have this issue with the game, I do not agree with people about it. The only situation where points are truly aiding the rules, to my mind, is pick up games with strangers. Points allow you to set a level, turn up, make introductions and play a game. This is now hampered with the implicit need to talk to and agree with your opponent over your armies, thereby adding to the pre-amble required to get a game in.

But tournaments I hear you cry!? It makes it more difficult for tournaments to be sure, but by and large all tournaments I can think of already make judgement on the value of a model or unit. They don't do this by point adjustment but by gross unit restriction such as banning super heavies or gargantuan creatures, both of which have a ludicrously varied power level within each category Gargantuan creatures rids the tournament of Wraithknights but then denies the tyranid player a whole host of big gribblies that are certainly not OP. The same is true of super heavies in my opinion.

I don't think it is a stretch for tournaments to define points for new units as and when they arise. And for the old units they can just use the old army books. The rate of release is not such that keeping on top of how your tournament rates a unit is impossible. As I said above, you have to twist your army lists to fit each tournament anyway, so shifting points values gives the same effect. 

The second change in the rules that represents a massive change is the removal of the "I go - you go" rule set with variable player turn sequence. I am a big fan of infinities reaction based mechanic within its excellent skirmish game (the lore just hasn't quite gripped me yet), but I am not a fan of the system GW have put in place with Age of Sigmar. HOWEVER, the rules of age of sigmar are so simple and encouraging of house rules that I simply think agreeing to revert to the known mechanic is easy enough.

Overall I like age of sigmar, I like the miniatures, I even like the fluff (I mean really, trying to defend the old fluff as all making sense is silly - its always aaalllwaaayys been crazy) and I do appreciate a simplified rule set. While seeing a lot of hate on the internet, I have heard nothing of the sort in my local GW or FLGS. Many have been ambivalent, some have been ecstatic but none have been hateful towards the game. 

What if it happens to 40K?

I will still play 40k. I don't play 40k for the complicated rule set (though as lovingly familiar as it is), I play 40k so I can go to the club, have a tinnie and some smarties while chatting to a like minded hobbyist for 2-4 hours over a game. I go to tournaments to test my mettle, but mainly to meet new people and see amazing armies, great conversions and have great memories at the end of the weekend of the time I couldn't stop rolling 1's and was tabled by turn 3. I love the lore of 40k and the ethos of wargaming. Even if GW engineered 40k endtimes I would be interested, I don't like Tau all that much being the more brightly lit corner of the Grim Dark but I don't get in a hissy fit over them being in the game (I do however feel smug when I eat fish), I'm just glad other people do enjoy it. 

The Horus Heresy AKA 30k

That is one big tall glass of yes for me. Forgeworld have done a sublime job with 30k and long may it continue. 30k breaking into the mainstream would be perfect for all involved with the hobby. It opens up vast realms of untapped cool for all fans of space marines, mechanicum and imperial guard. There is so much hotness it is unreal and the rules are great and colourful all the way through. I have not played a 30k vs 40k game yet which has felt unbalanced, and my local tournament allows both in their biggest events. 

I also think this leaves the way open for other expansions to encapsulate some other races. The war in heaven would be personal favourite but the Age of Strife also. I don't really think any of these will come to pass, but the richness of the 30k/40k lore is such that it could be done and done well it would be amazing. 

If 30k or 40k gets the age of sigmar treatment as discussed above, it would be great if they did keep the known mechanics working with one of the games, and personally I hope this will be 30k as the quality of their content outstrips 40k by some way to my mind. 

Other Platforms

As an avid video gamer (currently stuck on the last boss of Bloodborne (the real last boss) can't wait for NG+!) I have been following the development of Eternal Crusade, Warhammer: Total War and Mordheim: City of the damned with great interest. My housemate has a pre-alpha copy of Mordheim and let me tell you, it look AMAZING. Anyone who was a fan of the tabletop game should be verily impressed with it, it looks the part and plays the part to me even at this level of development. 

GW selling of its ip for expansion by 3rd party developers is a god send. If you haven't already I suggest looking up the recent stream of Eternal Crusade with the developers. GW might now want to talk with its users but these guys do, video games are currently in a brilliant place where the level of openness from drawing board to pre-alpha to alpha to beta to done is astounding. Twitch streams are a digital cornucopia for those interested as well without even needing to play. 

The more that GW is willing to loan out for easy money the better. Yes there will be some duds but there will be plenty of hits too as Dawn of War's enduring appeal shows.

Concluding remarks

So the state of the games of GW. Personally, I have not been this excited since I was 6 and I was painting Heinrich Kemmler and Krell for the first time. The hobby with GW alone is bursting at the seems with new and exiting content. There are plenty of things I don't like, but these are honestly drops in the ocean overall (D weapons and free transports can f*%k off).

And then we can start looking further afield at:

Kings of War
Wild Wild West Exodus
Gates of Antares
Bolt Action
Dystopian Legions

And these games are just the ones I could remember of the top of my head and they are just the tip of a rich and rewarding hobby that is currently seeing its best ever period. I personally think we are in the golden age of table top wargaming and I hope this continues for a very long time. I hope that in any small way I have made some of you as readers feel more optimistic about the hobby, both in the direction of the game/s you may play but also remembering why you play the game and more importantly WHO you play the game with.

As always my friends, Peace Out,


Saturday 26 September 2015

Birthday Visit to Warhammer World

Hi Readers,

So I've got a holiday coming up next month with the girlfriend where we are flying off to Iceland for a short stay with a pre-booked visit to the blue lagoon hot springs and a night time boat trip to try and see the aurora Borealis. This should be lovely!

The week after I have also booked off work (this is the 26th - 30th October) as I need to start using all the time off in lieu I've built up and actually rest and recuperate, as working none stop (even when I'm on holiday) is not doing me any good at all. On the plus side being tired all the time means I can't be bothered to shave really and so the beard is coming along nicely!

I'm definitely going to be heading up to Warhammer world with all my saved up pocket money and whatever the family decide to give me (I've tried directing them to hobby stuff and this fails abysmally) and I'm going to splash out on something nice, possibly even forgeworld if I have a decent enough kitty by then! 

In addition to the visit which will be with a couple of friends, I am very much up for getting a game in. This would be fairly late in the day I should think. They open till late on Tuesdays and Fridays I think so ideally I'll be up one of these days and looking to start gaming around 4 in the afternoon I should think.

If any of you lovely UK readers have any inclination to come and have a game then please do let me know! Obviously I can only play one person so in the unlikely event that two people volunteer it'll be first come first serve!

Additionally suggestions for what I should get from warhammer world to add to my Dark Angels or Blood Angels would be appreciated!

Either leave a comment down below or send me a message through blogger or google+ :)

Peace out,


Friday 25 September 2015

Death Company Ride again!

Hi Readers,

With the purchase of some new Khorne red and a couple of new brushes I have re-invigorated myself with desire to get some Death Company painted. My Death Company army is most likely going to be accompanying me to Blog War X run my Alex at Fromthefang in Stockport (unless I pull out some ridiculous progress on my Dark Angels...). I've heard nothing but good things about Blog Wars, much from some of the frequent commenteers down below, so it should be a blast and I should get to put some faces to names hopefully!

The exact composition of my force will depend entirely on how much I have painted by then. I certainly have enough painted now to take a decent looking force, though I don't think my Death Company would be in the running for any prizes (looks wise or winning wise), but it definitely wouldn't be the force I really want to take.

That force is just the horde of Death Company I've previously described here, but that is a big old pile of Death Company away from being completed and I have a music festival (in Bognor Regis no less) and a holiday in Iceland both with my girlfriend coming up that will hamper preparation some what. So we will just have to see how we go! If I can get the horde done I think I will have an easier time competing and maybe people will enjoy that look a little more as well, but the main aim of the day is to have fun and be merry.

But at least these guys will be making the trip up to sunny Stockport I have no doubt, here's their current state:

And here are the next 10 all dry brushed with Eshin grey ready for the red basecoat to be applied:

Peace out,


Thursday 24 September 2015

Dark Angel Purchases and Arbitrary Milestone

Hi readers,

I've been a bit of a cheeky chap recently and splurged on all the things needed to build my entire Dark Angels force (mostly). I tell myself I'll buy these things when the other are complete but I can't help but habitually browse eBay when I have spare time at work and when you see a bargain you know you have to have it! I'm sure most readers of the blog can empathise with that.

So I recently purchased a Dark Angels Veterans Squad that was going for £16 inc. postage on eBay and these guys will be magnetised but their initial set up will probably be with grav guns and a standard to be the command squad. My previous veterans converted with axes and storm shields can either be a second command squad or just a basic veterans squad if need be, or I could just magnetise something else for them!

Secondly I bought some fixed bionic arms from Anvil Industry (the previous batch were multi part opposable ones - brilliant btw). In order to make the most use out of these I'm going to retcon my own fluff slightly. In the fluff I specified that during the "Rite of Unshackling" during induction to the secrets of the Dark Angels and the Black Hands Specific chapter secret, the aspirant veterans cut off their right arm. I'm now going to switch that to just an arm, so I can model both left and right bionics. Just cuts down on cost really!

Thirdly I also purchased a few pieces to convert 4 grav cannons out of, which I will detail in a next pose, but these parts only cost me £13 including postage, which compares to the £7-9 people are selling a single grav cannon for from the actual devastators kit!!

And finally, I picked up a Dark Angels Devastator squad which looks like it has utilised some of the Dark Angel Veteran parts as well 2 heavy bolters and 2 plasma cannons! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this, possibly it will just be pulled apart and used for spare parts. I'm certainly acquiring a nice pool of bits to work off. Hopefully in the next 6 months, both the Black Templar army and Blood Angel army will be fully painted up with all models done. I certainly don't have plans to buy any more which makes this a bit more realistic than when I have said it in the past when I was basically... lying!

I like to think that after this haul and the order from Wayland games (arrives any day now I hear....humph), I should be all bought up for my Dark Angels with the exception of a single biker which will come from Scibor, and this will complete my Librarius Conclave formation.

Hopefully I should have some of this stuff flying onto the blog ASAP for you lovely people to peruse and comment upon.

Arbitrary Milestone

Time for another arbitrary milestone in my blog. When I got my first couple of months views back I set myself the aim of 3000 views by Christmas. And some point last Sunday evening I hit 10K views and had 300 views in one day for the first time. I still find these things stupidly exciting! Hopefully you are not too sick of seeing me pop up on your blog feed or email or however you follow me! As I said not too long ago the blog is going to be a hive of activity as I put out more and hopefully better content, with more than a few jedi blog masters giving me words of wisdom along the way. Till next time.

Peace out,


Wednesday 23 September 2015

Dark Angels Tactical Squad 2 - Plasma cannon!

Hi Gang,

I'm trying to keep my desire to paint fresh buy swapping projects every few days after I got so bored of painting Death Company when that was all I had to do. So some Dark Angel progress on the troops front with my second squad making steady progress to being finished. The second squad has a plasma cannon in it which should be nice and fun to paint the glow effect on when I get to it. 

Here's some pictures of the bolters and the un-started plasma cannon:

I'm also doing a tiny bit of converting on the Sergeant to differentiate his pose from the other dark vengeance sergeant otherwise they will look too similar for my liking with that oddly static pose they have. It uses a chaos bolt pistol and helmet and the now ubiquitous item in my bits box, the age of sigmar hammer :P


Peace out,