Wednesday 9 September 2015

Dark Angels Squad

Hi Readers,

Today is just a quick hobby update regarding my Dark Angels. In my last post with them I showed off some slightly toned down highlights with Warpstone Glow, since then I have made the highlights smaller but in the same colour and a little more spread out. I've also not used white to highlight the angel relief on the shoulder pad any more and just left it with grey. The red highlights are uniformly Wadakka red as its just that bit softer.

Tomorrow will be my final game in my narrative game series with a 3000 point purge the alien game. We have about 6 hours scheduled for this so I'm hoping its a cracker. My low model count should (finally) play into my favour as well.

All my chat today, here have some picture.

PS - sorry for the poor quality, shaky hand day due to some meds and didn't have patience to clear desk to stand the phone properly... I have tomorrow off work and will be painting my sergeant so will get better pictures of the full squad!

Peace out,



  1. Great looking squad Rob. That's some lovely edge highlights!

    1. Thanks man :) I've just put a new post up, would like to hear your thoughts on the choice of colour scheme for veterans!