Tuesday 22 September 2015

Dark Angel Librarius Progress

Hi Readers,

Just a quick update today with some progress on painting my Librarians for my Librarius Conclave, three out of 5 ain't bad but I'm looking forward to getting my hands on my stand in Ezekiel and being able to purchase a bike mounted Scibor Knight to make up as the Fifth and final Librarian. But till then here are some pictures to mull over of the Librarian that will accompany the drop pod embarked tactical squad and the jump pack Librarian that will be with the assault squad.

I'm quite pleased with this guy, though I feel the OSL could have been a little sharper, but I do have the option of going back to it in the future. Thoughts?

And here is the blue base coated librarian.

I'm enjoying painting these guys but do wish that Wayland games would hurry up and ship me my order so that I could start attaching shoulder pads to things.  

That's all for today folks!

Peace out,



  1. I gotta admit the hammer head doesn't really work it for me. Maybe it's the positioning, or just how out of character it looks compared with the rest of the Astartes Hammers/Mauls.

    Just... something doesn't rub right.

    1. I totally see where you're coming from Yojiro, the hammer just rubs me up the right way. I did consider putting a spear/sword tip on like Company Master Dragutin if you prefer that? I'm not averse to re-modelling at some point...

      Thanks for the comment!

    2. In the end it's always up to how you like it. I have the same model and I kept him as original since I don't mind the staff, though the idea of a force halberd did come to mind. But in then end, if you like it, then it's perfect :D

    3. Unfortunately I didn't have the option of keeping the staff as it had snapped off in the bulk buy he came in! But a good cheap buy in the end. Thanks for the comments all the same :)

  2. I think the OSL looks pretty good, though I do feel you lost a bit of the under color from it. It still looks great, especially when setup for a tabletop....man this just gave me a cool idea for a future conclave. Have a center libarian goes beserk, raising up, lighting corsing through his body, all blue, and then paint the osl from him on the surrounding libarians, so when they are on the table, it looks like !)&%$( is about to hit the fan. Probably better for a unit comp :)

    1. Well as long it passes muster that'll do! Hopefully with all he blazing orange dudes on the battlefield it'll kick ass!

      I couldn't quite put my finger on what I had done a bit differently but your bang on with just a bit too much coverage. I'll have to rectify that on future models, just over zealous application perhaps...

      That sounds AMAZING dude. Definitely do it!

    2. As long as you don't ally with any Commissars, I say go for it!