Saturday 12 September 2015

Dark Angels Veteran Squad- converted/kitbashed

Hi readers,

I'm taking a little break (i.e. this weekend) from painting after I hit a bit of burn out on the Death Company, and I still have 25 of them to build and paint in various amounts! So this weekend will be all about building new things, and therefore my room has been very blue today due to my ineptitude with super glue and converting in general, and as such expletives have very much filled the room as I scream at inanimate objects.

Below is a squad of Dark Angel Veterans equipped with Storm Shield and Power axe, I know its no competitive but it looks cool! And because I'm aware of that, I magnetised the arms! My first sort of squad sized level of magnetising hence the swearing. These guys can then double has a Command Squad when I have the arms all built for them. Plus ROBOTIC ARMS!

The little bits of fluted dowel will be painted as broken columns on a dark grit floor that will have green vegetation applied to it as the Greenwing section of the army creep through the rotted remains of a bio-dome on a Hive world that is beginning to fall to a chaos cult.

They still need some Angel specific pauldrons on the left arm, which I am awaiting from Wayland games, I've gone for some cool Scibor miniature ones that are very angel of death likey.

Comments always welcome!

Peace out,



  1. Those are looking pretty cool, dude. Where'd you get the shields from? I don't see them on the Anvil Industries site, and they look like a different resin.

    And yes, as much of a pain as they are, magnets are totally awesome for Units with as many options as these have. And even more so when some of them are seriously sub-optimal Rules-wise, but total win from a Rule of Cool perspective.

    1. Thanks! It's always fun building up a bookmark folder if third party bits that are fantastic for your army. The shields are from and are really lovely, they have lots of cool stuff.

      I need to buy some more mechanical arms then I'll be magnetising grav guns and melta guns for them to run as a shooty command squad as well.

      But next pay day!

    2. Maxmini do good stuff. I think I've got some heads from them lying around that I won in a raffle and haven't gotten around to using.

  2. Love the use of dowel, never though of that before, brilliant idea, may well try it myself.

    1. Thanks Dave! Glad it'll be of use to others, I was quite pleased with it myself considering the cost of some resin pieces I was eyeing up...