Tuesday 1 September 2015

Death Company Drop pod - completed! Plus new army talk!

Hi readers.

So after a blast of painting today (I love time off work) I have got my drop pod all done and dusted! I am pretty happy with the weathering I put on this and thinks its a pretty good first attempt but will hope to do better with a second which I definitely want to paint as I realised I am 1 Death company Dreadnought away from running a Strike Force Mortalis Formation which would be cool if not very competitive. Anyway here's my To-do list project completed stamp and some pictures!

New Army! or rather... New Army!!

As you might guess from my not so cryptic font colour change my new Army is going to be... Dark Angels!!! Now the reason for this is partly because Dark Angels are cool, partly because Corrm over at St Andrews Wargaming Blog as interested me with both his battle reports with his (huge when you put all three wings together) Dark Angel army plus his codex review, but also because of sheer chance!

I was browsing ebay and I saw a deal I just could not refuse basically. So for £90 (or 140 ish dollars) which includes the shipping, I now own (when they arrive):

1 Company Master
1 Librarian
5 Veterans
2 x 10 Tactical marines with plasma cannons and plasma guns
10 assault marines with 2 flamers
6 Ravenwing bikers
1 Ravenwing attack bike
1 Ravenwing Dark Talon

AND this all came in a KR multicase which was custom fit for it. An absolute bargain!!! All the models are part built and in great condition so can't wait to get stuck in really.

I plan on buying a devastator squad to go with these and running them with Grav weapons in a drop pod which would allow me to run a Demi Company from the Dark Angels Codex as an allied formation to a Death Company based Blood Angel CAD. That would mean a huge tonne of Objective secured units as I think all the demi-company get that benefit. I'll also be buying a razorback to go with these guys for that company.

If I have any spare cash after Christmas or perhaps as a present from someone I will pick up Sammael and some Black Knights so I can run some dirty dirty Ravenwing goodness as well.

Any thoughts comment or suggestions on this new army would be most welcome :)

Peace out ,



  1. Looking good Rob. Loving the hazard stripes, they add a real nice focal point to the model.

    Starting a new army? You are a crazy man ;). Still, if you can make progress like you have been doing you will qwhizz through the Dark Angels in no time. Good bargain as well. I have picked up quite a few deals from ebay for my DE over the last few years. I very rarely buy anything from new from GW nowadays

    1. Thanks Naff! I'm really pleased with the stripes, still need to practise the weathering though to get it looking just so.

      Haha yes I feel I may be stretching my time a bit thin but felt the need to put something ready for when I finish my Blood Angels and Templars... I do think I'm going along at a fair lick, but then my models aren't half as beautiful as yours are! Do you think your Danse Macabre will be coming to the Bristol tournament you said you might attend next year?

  2. Nice work on the drop pod Rob. I'm not wild about the brown (mud? burnt regions?) on them, but I never put mud or battle damage on my marine vehicles. Just a personal preference, not a comment on the painting, its way better than anything I can do!

    YES! Another unfortunate soul tempted to the side of the Unforgiven! I started them all those years ago because I absolutely loved the colour schemes in the army and the look of the robed marines. I like to use them as sergeants to lead my squads as it makes them stand out and they just look great. Can wait to see how you tackle them with your great painting skills (I might even learn a thing or two in the process).

    I am hugely biased about the Ravenwing, so I would suggest adding more bikes. Sammael and the Black Knights are a good shout, you might want to consider a Darkshroud too, they really do kick ass in the new codex (nothing like 2+ re-rollable cover saves to make all your opponents hate you). Thanks for the shout out, always nice to see that your efforts are appreciated.

    1. Its supposed to be burnt-ish but needs a lot of practise I feel to pull it off. No worries about not being your thing, though you'll be pleased to hear I don't plan on doing that on any of my Dark Angel vehicles!

      I have been asked at my club by a few people to detail how I do my grey/white wings so think I will use the ravenwing as a painting example on her at some point, and thank you for the compliment its very gratifying! I would really like to play against your imperial guard at some point as they look killer.

      I don't know if you have read my latest post but I also picked up Sammael of the same seller as he gave me first dibs as Sammael also has a custom cut slot in the KR case. Unfortunately I really don't like how landspeeders look and think the massive DA ones are a bit silly myself, though they are kick ass rules wise. Black Knights though will definitely happen as well as 2 Nephelim Jet fighters at some point!

  3. Congrats on the first stamp of the hobby season, first world-wide I think. Congrats [or is it commiseration?] on starting a new army, when you include the case that really is a good deal. We're all Danglies fans.

    1. Thanks Dave! I am been following your bastion woes recently. but its looking really good as of the latest post! And your own personal Garden Bastion is top notch (though maybe that should have been in Dark Angel colours too :P

  4. Fantastic work on the finished piece! The heat damage really looks great and the weathering on the door ramps came off well.