Wednesday 2 September 2015

The Angels Descend - Narrative Battle Report

Hi Readers,

Today is the write up of the penultimate battle in my narrative game series with a nice chap called Stuart. This is something of a swansong for Stuart as he is selling his Orks after out final game as he expects his second child soon and so a long sojourn from the hobby will begin.

To get some final use out of his tactical cards we played a maelstrom game which ended up being Cloak and Shadow with the Angels descending from Darkness to try and stem the Greenskin tide! The winner of this match up would be able to choose deployment and first turn in the final game with no roll of required or seizing available either, so plenty at stake!

Can the Blood Angels avenge their Black Templar Brethren and push forward to wipe the Orks out? Read on to see...

 The Ork horde lines up to rush the battlefield centre

The Blood Angels stare across the swamp land at the Greenskins their curse itching at their souls for blood (the Storm raven and termies are all in reserve with Cassor the damned on the Raven) 

Hiding out of line of sight as much as possible, tank is mobile cover!!

The horde advances and the battlewagon immobilises itself with a double 1 result (including re-roll!) 

 The Orks right flanks also moves up, the Mek taking a firing position in the building.

Missing a picture but a trukks occupants took a single hull point off the Baal Predator but just a glance.

Lemartes and his death company advance blowing open the tank boyz trukk with their infernus pistol preparing for a charge! 

 The Baal predator takes 2 hull points off the trukk and BBQ's a nob and takes a wound off another! I forgot they had 2 wounds!

 The Other death company with Astorath prepare for a long charge into the battlewagon!

 The Death company easily polish off the Boyz but thats lots of guns ahead!

 The other charge fails and all hell looks to break loose...

 Two flyers come on from reserves!

 Shooting takes 2 down....

 The awesome trike continues up the left flank

 Just a cool conversion!

 The boyz dismount ready to attack the death company head on!

 The warboss is going to punch the predator to death!

 The furioso remains hidden, hiding near an objective and with rear armour to the wall...

 The Orks smash home!!

 As does the Warboss

 The Baal predator dies and Astorath is cleft in twain after this photo is taken! Fortunately he is not my warlord!

The Storm Raven drops off Cassor! Is he gonna kick arse?

 He raises a claw and screams his rage to the sky!

 Cassor the damned charges in butchering orks but the horde holds!

 The Ork flyer goes to shoot the Storm Raven but he jinks! (And not one of the shot hit!)

 The MegaNobz going to punch the Furioso!

 The Warboss gets ready to enter the fray!

 The Orks round on Lemartes after his escape from earlier combat! He falls to their overwhelming shot volume...

 The Killer Kans camp the objective

 The Battlefield with the still not arrived Terminators chilling at the back!

 Cassor the damned is a character so he challenges the warlord and instant kills him!! Huzzah! But loses an arm in return.

 In the Orks turn he is finally finished off

 The Nobz finished off the Furioso but he toasts two of them to death!

 The Death Company Hammer makes it free and runs for an objective!

 What you can't see here is the deep striking squad of terminators and my warlord. Because they died. Horrifically. Truly horrifically.

 The lightning claws just above survive the burna bombas AP2 bomb! My god that was close!

 You flying bugger!

 The Orks run forward to claim the objective from the hovering flyer.

 I am going to smash you screams the Death Company!

 The Storm Raven blasts the Orks off the objective!

 The final Death Company Thunder Hammer smashes open a trukk!

 The battle comes to an end after turn 4 due to time constraints and we count the damage....


At the end of the game, I had First Blood, Linebreaker, and Slay the Warlord. Added to my 8 Maelstrom I came out with 11! Stuart had Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker aaaaaan... 10 Malestrom points, putting him on 12! I lost by one point but it was very close! I forgot about the immobilised battlewagon and it claimed an objective that otherwise would have given me supremacy and D3 points!

So we go into our final game with Stuart well ahead overall, we will see if I can win the final game to claw back some pride! I have to paint up quite a few more marines to really compete, heres hoping!

I hope you enjoyed this anyway :)

Peace out,



  1. Win, lose, or draw, nice close Games like those are the best. That's a great looking table, too!

    1. We are really spoilt for terrain at the club so its always a pleasure to have so much LoS blocking terrain to make the game that more tactical. Lost by a whisker but as you say, a cracking game is what its all about. One of the issues with D weapons is they have the potential to just ruin that on a 6.