Sunday 13 September 2015

More Death Company and To-do list update

Hi Readers,

Another quick fire post from me today. I've had a productive adult day tidying the house and cleaning after a fairly imbibed weekend. But I found time to sit down and file and clean the front and backs for 10 jump packs and 20 shoulder pads for my next batch of death company, who have no been built! I also re-jigged my working space so that it was less haphazardly piled and had at least a slight cohesive sense of what I was doing next (With a few options available if I am bored of that!).

So here is a some pictures of the 10 new Death Company that are drying from black primer as I type:

I'm very happy with how they look even with the older metal sculpts. I'm particularly pleased there is a showing from a couple of good old beaky helms!

And I sat down this evening with one figure to get it going. This was the Librarian from the Dark Vengeance box which came with my Dark Angel horde recently. Here is a deliberately far away sneak peek picture for you of him just after basecoating. More pictures to follow later in the week (Well, I've got to keep you keen haven't I!).

And finally, for all those interested here are some pictures of my work shop bedroom!

To-do Pile

So in my current to do pile I have, hopefully in the order they will get done:

1 Dark Angel Librarian

5 Death Company that have already been started

10 Death Company that have been primed

5 Dark Angels Veterans (waiting on their shoulder pads to get started on painting)

Build 10 more Death Company

5 Sanguinary Guards (looking forward to painting these)

Paint the last 10 Death Company (Then they will all be done!!!)

Paint a Blood Angel Drop pod in red scheme for furioso dreadnought.

That is supposed to take me up to Christmas pretty much.

I'll re-evaluate what I want to get done and how successful this was after christmas presents! But till then I hope this excites you all for what I will be getting done. I will also be attending Blog Wars X in November which promises to be fantastic and is also a good motivator for getting stuff done!

Till next time,

Peace out,



  1. Your work space is tidier than mine, one of us must therefore try harder, I'll leave up to you to decide which ;) Great progress!

  2. Some of the 2nd Ed metal sculpts are actually really nice. In their day, they were let down by the clunky arms and weapons that were available then, but with more modern plastic bits accessorizing, they can look really good. I recently got some second-hand metal CSM that will be getting similar treatment at some point here.

    1. I would be most interested to see what they turn out like!