Saturday 19 August 2017

Foetid Blight Drone the Second

Hey all,

This chap has been finished for a while, but I've just not got round to taking a photo! I've got a chunk of Ravenwing built, base coated and drybrushed for the black/grey in the mean time however. I have to pick up some Warplock Bronze before I can proceed a bit more with them though. 

I've also got almost all of my Primaris marines built as well, I still need to smash some rocks up to base all the built models. I'm also waiting to buy some Redemptor Dreadnoughts to round off the force and they are going to take a lot of work to sort out and base...

That's all for now, hoping to get posting a bit more frequently, I'm 20'000 words deep in my thesis now so progress is being made!

Peace out,


Monday 14 August 2017

Helsreach - It's Awesome!

Hey gang,

For anyone that hasn't seen this chap Richard Boylan's work in dramatising the Helsreach Audiobook in glorious gray scale, then check out the first video linked above and then go watch the rest on Youtube, it is incredible!

Peace out,


Tuesday 8 August 2017

Its Contagious! Nurgle Spreads Further...

Heyho, lets go,

Moar, moar, moar, how do you like it? Plenty of bits and bobs to touch up on these, like how I managed to miss half of the entrails on one of the heralds!? Not sure how that happened but I'm no genius so there we go. I'll be adding some extra blood splatter as well, but my lungs gave away (don't smoke kids) half way and so I lay in the recovery position instead. 

I'm not a fan of painting nurglings just green, looks very bland to me, so I jazzed in a few extra colours for variety and liberally covered in blood and pus. I'm looking forward to seeing these once they have been returned to the owner and based to really finish them off. 

Peace out,


Monday 7 August 2017

On wings of Death - Nurgle!

Hey all,

Well here we finally have some more movement on my Nurgle Commission. The Ravenwing are progressing in the backfield but they are being bulk painted like never before so not much to show as each step is very incremental. These guys are pretty much done however! As always photos will bring to light many missed points that need touching up and the like! I wasn't sent the bases with these hombres so I've had to make do with a nuln oil throne!

I have really enjoyed painting nurgle overall, I like the green with bursts of colour here and there, plus the fun of splattering them with blood and pus! Tomorrow I've got some heralds and nurgling bases to show as well. I've still got the second Death Guard drone from Dark Imperium to finish off as well as 20 poxwalkers. That marks the second phase of this commission complete with Phase three to go, which I believe will be the final phase!

That won't arrive till some fresh DG releases though, so hopefully you'll see a surge in both Ravenwing work and Primaris marines as well as I am itching to get my own stuff done! 

Peace out,


Tuesday 1 August 2017

Primaris Progress - Two whole complete minis!!!

Hey hey hey,

So these two chaps are far from perfect, but I am sufficiently happy with the concept that I will take this forward and hope to improve the execution of the technique as I go along. The basic premise of the primary red/orange scheme for sergeants will be changed up a little for HQ's but in general that will be a way to distinguish them from the primarily grey scheme. The OSL needs work on the jets, mostly adding a bright white to the heat centres, but I'm pretty happy with how he's turned out as well. 

I'm going to be running a chunk of the Inceptors as I really like the models and the concept of them, plus the rules are nice enough! I am thinking of getting a couple of Redemptor Dreadnoughts, but boy will I be converting them!!! 

You can also see my first attempt at freehanding the chapter symbol. This is a composite of the Evil Eye and the Alpha. With the the symbolism of the Evil Eye representing a multitude of things, including the fall of Horus, the Eye of Terror and the constant vigil against heresy. Whereas the Alpha symbolises the determination to be the first line of defence as well as the best line of defence, i.e. the alpha predators of the imperium. 

I have yet to come up with a satisfactory chapter name however, so suggestions below that feed into those themes will be most welcome :)

Peace out,


Monday 31 July 2017

Errant Dukes - Resin Crates, Barrels and Objective Markers - A Review

Hey all,

Something a little different today! I recently got my hands on some nifty little bits of scenery and today I'm just going to take a look at them. These are just in their cleaned resin state so far, but as time allows I'll be putting some paint on them to use in games and I'll show them off once they are all painted up as well.

Errant Dukes is a little resin scenery start up company that I mentioned some time ago, but now they have a CrowdFunder up and running if you want to check out other upcoming stuff and put some dosh down. But for now lets just look at what they've got!


The barrels come in at a nice height next to a marine, including the Primaris marines, with the advent of 8th edition cover, I will probably be putting these on bases as a form of area terrain, which while limiting in terms of deployment, will maximise the cover mechanic in games I play. Stacking the barrels give you the potential for complete line of sight blocking terrain for smaller models, particularly if used in conjunction with other bits of terrain like barricades.

Each Barrel comes with crisp logo detail on them for flammable substances, biohazard waste etc as you can see below:

Each set of 5 barrels costs around £5 including postage and packaging, but they only charge 25p for each additional item on their eBay store so each additional set only costs £3.75 (£3.50 base). I personally think that is great value!

However, the ones I really like are the objective marker barrels, nicely numbered and because of their cylindrical shape they are dead easy to measure from the centre of the objective. Incidentally I will be mounting these on 150mm bases. This will make it easy to measure how many models are within the 3inches of the objective centre as you'll just count the models that are on the base, easier than cracking out the tape measure if its a close call!


The crates come in a variety of sizes with one blank, undetailed side for sitting on, this is nice as it kind of forces your hand in how you stack them and means you end up with crates on their short side, so standing nice and tall. I can see that some people might prefer texture on all the sides, but for me this doesn't really bother me at all.

The crates are priced similarly to the barrels but go up or down in price depending on size. Five small square crates come in at £2.50 + PP and the largest crates, such as the one on the right standing up cost £4.50 + PP for two plus a long thin crate standing on its short end.

The crates also come in an objective marker variety which I actually prefer to the barrels, just because they are super clear to read and I know that sometimes you end up look at your objectives going - which one is that again!?


I really like the pieces that Errant Dukes are currently producing and they have more plans in the offering! If you check out their Crowdfunder you'll see that £20 can get you a very nice selection of both fantasy crates as I have here and also sci-fi crates that they have in the works. I will personally be pledging for some of the sci-fi crates for some additional variety to what I already have.

I am a big fan of smaller companies producing wargaming materials and the like, as I feel they very often fill distinct niches in the market. I think the level of detail Errant Dukes offers is extremely good for the price. So I encourage you to go have a look at them either on their Crowdfunder or through their eBay store :)

Peace out,