Saturday 19 August 2017

Foetid Blight Drone the Second

Hey all,

This chap has been finished for a while, but I've just not got round to taking a photo! I've got a chunk of Ravenwing built, base coated and drybrushed for the black/grey in the mean time however. I have to pick up some Warplock Bronze before I can proceed a bit more with them though. 

I've also got almost all of my Primaris marines built as well, I still need to smash some rocks up to base all the built models. I'm also waiting to buy some Redemptor Dreadnoughts to round off the force and they are going to take a lot of work to sort out and base...

That's all for now, hoping to get posting a bit more frequently, I'm 20'000 words deep in my thesis now so progress is being made!

Peace out,



  1. I love how the blood effects have come out, especially the splash across the fly symbol.

  2. Agreed, and the pus and the grotesque purple corpse skin. Great

  3. Looking awesome mate, can't wait to see them in action, these are for winters yes?

  4. Top notch work here. Blood effects done really well. Adds and doesn't distract from the mini!

  5. That looks amazing mate, in a... really gross... horrible... way. I hope the thesis is going smoothly, the last week of my thesis writing took 6 months ;-)

  6. Mate? You all good - nothing posted since August? We miss you ;)