Monday 26 February 2018

Ravenwing - The Command of Old

Fast, faster and faster still,

Whilst the Command squad of 7th edition is no more, they still form the elite of the Ravenwing and provide many excellent buffs in 8th edition, none more so than the banner in my opinion. But that is for another, different style of post. 

I had a lot of fun painting the Command squad miniatures, they each provided their own challenges and each had to be approached differently. In particular the whites on the Apothecary and the banner on the banner bearer. Admittedly it comes with guide lines for a "paint by numbers" quality, rather than the glorious freehand many people are capable of! 

I considered adding OSL on to the maul, but I felt like the dull quality it currently has better suited the brute force bludgeoning nature of the weapon. Just one of those gut feelings, more than an artistically sound idea. You can also see the finished style of bases in these pictures, which all the bikes and flyers now have. This was done to match the Deathwing so they can be fielded as a nice cohesive force. 

Still to come is the Ravenwing Dark Talon and Nephilim Jetfighter as well as the big bad, Sammael himself. As of typing this, the army is done and just awaiting collection, with somewhere in the region of 4,500-5,500 points of Deathwing/Ravenwing total painted. 

When Russ comes to pick them up, I will be setting them all out for him to look at and I'll take a panning video with some thoughts from me about the army over the top. Hopefully that will give you a better look at the armies as a whole. 

Peace out,


Thursday 22 February 2018

Sons of Wrath - Lieutenant on Wings of Fire!

Hello Darkness my old friend,

To break up the advance of the Ravenwing, I thought I would jump back to my Primaris marines, the Sons of Wrath. This chap has been painted for a bit, though it was an overnight job to get ready for a battle report with Winters, so once he was done and played with I mostly just needed a nap!

I'm quite pleased with how he turned out, conversion and paint job. I used the Sanguinary guard wings as I had them spare and I just really like how they look, same goes for the odd jump pack exhaust contraption at the back. Lets not look too closely at logic and how it might work eh?

Just 3 models left to paint up to tabletop standard before I can field a full 2000 points of Primaris marines. I still have several bases to finish off, as you can see from above, but once that detail is polished I just need to go back and add battle damage as well as squad, rank and role signifiers to all the miniatures. Which will wait till I have got through some more Deathguard as well as some of my other more esoteric projects that have lain untouched for some time!

Peace out,


Monday 19 February 2018

I got a Ticket for... Land Speeding... with A Vengeance!

All hail the pun,

Continuing the Ravenwing show and tell for day 2 of a few, here we have the land speeder contingent of the force. These ba***rds are fiddly as f**k to build. Did not enjoy them one bit, that said, they are pretty darn easy to paint compared to the much more, overall, detailed bikers. If I have the money spare at some point I may make a Land Speeder only army using the new landspeeder Ravenwing HQ. 

I know it won't be to everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy the bright orange glow of the engines and plasma. I think it adds some pop to the overall grim look of these models. As requested by the client everything should look like it has had the sh*t beaten out of it... How well I succeeded on that, compared to just looking, well amateurishly painted... eh I'll let you decide. 

I have conflicting feelings on how well I have painted these models to be honest. It is part of the reason the Ravenwing haven't been up on the blog at all. Sometimes I look at them and feel I have done a good job, and sometimes I get terrible anxiety that the owner will demand their money back for me ruining their miniatures. No fun! I do hope he likes them. 

Peace out,