Monday 12 February 2018

MOAR Nurgle - The Rot Continues

Hi there,

Soooo I may have said that there would be Ravenwing today... BUT I ended up forgetting to take pictures of it as I was brought low by general fatigue and just snoozed most of the weekend away... I regret nothing. That said, the Ravenwing is complete barring 3 models that have sat sulking for some time now... But as they are being picked up soon in March, they are on the painting block this week, now that I have caught up on some much needed sleep. 

In lieu of the Ravenwing I have some more Nurgle that has not seen the light of day yet (or a bath) so have at this for the time being. On my honour, Ravenwing will appear on Thursday, and there will be lots of them!

Peace out,



  1. Excellent, are these heading to Winters SEO too? I saw your handy work on his channel.

    1. Its all for Winters yeah, been all him and Russ for a while now! Though I am looking forward to Russ picking up the dangles and seeing them played on Weemen :)

  2. Excellent stuff my friend! But, erm, sleeping the weekend away? I'm sorry, you're gonna pay for that when I see you next, haha!

  3. Mwahaha disgusting fun! I am looking forward to given Mortarion the treatment!