The Horus Heresy Resource Page

Hello and Welcome!

This page is designed to be a useful repository of information for anyone interested in playing games in The Horus Heresy.

I've spent some time compiling different links to all kinds of useful places on the internet that might help any newcomers or veterans to the Age of Darkness. This includes Heresy blogs, Unit Reviews, Alternative Miniature companies that fit the Heresy aesthetic as well as general tactica articles and opinion pieces. 

Please feel free to use and share these sources far and wide for everyone to enjoy :) 

Additionally if you know of any useful resources that deserve inclusion please either comment below or email me at and I'll add them to the list :)

Horus Heresy Blogs (or blogs with Heresy Content)

These are varied in how central the Horus Heresy is to the blog, but large blogs such as Battle Bunnies, despite not being 30k focused have a lot of Horus Heresy content if you follow the page tags :)

Warpstone Flux

Heresy 30k - The Horus Heresy Blog

Battle Bunnies - The Horus Heresy

Dark Future 30k

Heresy 30k

Mordian 7th

Heretic 30k

The Painting Bunker


ThreeUp Blog

Horus Heresy Book Reviews

Horus Heresy Forums

If you want a space to talk exclusively about the Heresy and actively discuss tactics rather than just reading someone elses opinion, I highly recommend forums! Facebook can also be used for that sort of debate, but I find forums are a much kinder place in general where flame wars so common on facebook are mitigated by the power of the ban hammer and active moderators. 

Heresy 30k

Heresy Online

The First Expedition

The Great Crusade

Unit Reviews

None of these are comprehensive so you might have to jump around to find the units and information you want :)

Warpstone Flux

30kplus40k - Legiones Astartes

30kplus40k - Mechanicum

The New Zealand Wordbearers (not updated for a long while but still some useful content)


DISCLAIMER - 1d4chan has bad language throughout its posts and adult humour, BUT it is an excellent resource to wrap your head around the vast array of units and rules available in 30k (and 40k), but use at your own moral peril.

Legiones Astartes - 1d4chan

Mechanicum - 1d4chan

Solar Auxilia - 1d4chan

Imperial Militia - 1d4chan

Talons of the Emperor - 1d4chan

Questoris Knight Crusade - 1d4chan

Talons of the Emperor - 1d4chan


These podcasts vary from being Horus Heresy specific, to just containing the Horus Heresy as part of their broad wargaming content. But they all have dedicated followings and are noted for their quality of production, content or both!

After Ullanor

The Imperial Truth

Sons of Heresy

Geno Five Two

Eye of Horus

Age of Darkness

Seize the Initiative

Radio Free Isstvan

Don't lose your head

The Varangian Heresy

The Northern Heresy

Covenant of fire

The Independent Characters

Third Party Miniatures

Yes Forge World is very expensive, and also, well, the same? Sometimes you want to spice your miniatures up with additional bits and bobs, or even build a whole army out of third party miniatures. These are your go to sites to have a look around and pick and choose as you please. Some are cheaper than FW some are the same or more, but they will definitely make your army pop in a unique way!

Kromlech - Mostly Legion alternatives

Spellcrow - Mostly Legion alternatives

MaxMini - Mostly Legion alternatives

Anvil Industry - Excellent for Legion and Imperial Militia with their regiment builder

Blood and Skulls Industry - Amazing (but pricey) tank/vehicle conversion kits

Laser Cut Candies - Excellently priced custom shields and tank panels

Puppetswar - Some excellent machines for Dark Mechanicum and Imperial Militia

Wargame Exclusive Miniatures - Some excellent Legion kits and some (none raunchy) mechanicum

Scibor Miniatures - Legion alternatives (too chunky for my taste) and great scenic bases

Hi-Tech Miniatures - Legion alternatives (chunky again) and some awesome mechanicum magos

Ramshackle Games - Great vehicles for Imperial Militia

Victoria Miniatures - Great for Imperial Militia again

Mastercrafted - Legion Conversion parts and other assorted awesome

Authors Note

PLEASE please comment if you have things that deserve to be added to any of these lists, this is designed to be a living growing resource for Heresy players, so that they can find all of these things in one place rather than having lots of lost bookmarks over their browser. If you help, it'll only get better :)

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  1. This is a great idea, and if its ok, I think I will add it to the resource page I have created on my blog of the content I have done ( and I am probably going to steal the list of blogs etc to put on the one I have)

    1. By all means! Just stick a little credit somewhere if that's ok :) whats your blog? I'll add it to the roll!

  2. Can you add Talons of the Emperor to Tactica section?,000/Tactics/Talons_of_the_Emperor_(30k)

    1. Good spot! Completely slipped my mind! Added :)