Friday 31 July 2015

Black Templars vs Orks - Recova Da Loot! (pic heavy)

Hi Readers,

Today I'm going to give you a picture heavy and mostly narrative account of a game I played last Thursday as part of a small series of connected games. In the first game I had just pinched a win in the scouring played at 1300 points. This was the initial contact between Templar forces and the remnant Orks from a crashing hulk.

This games was 1600 points and showed an escalation of force as the Ork hurry to an abandoned hive searching for Ork tek from the crashing hulk. This has brought to the old aristocratic quarter of the hive in a long abandoned and ruined ornamental guardian.

But the Templars have been hot on their heels and their success in the previous skirmish allowed them to gain a tactical advantage! This translated to me placing 3 out of 5 objectives to Stuart (my opponents 2).

This was a custom mission with each objective granting benefits to either the holding unit or to their force. What each objective did was rolled for at the end of the game and will be listed after the report.

As I said, this will be incredibly picture heavy so you have been warned!

The Templars Face down the Orky Hordes in the Garden of Eden

The Orks froth and rave as they stare at their smashy target

The DeffKoptas scouted up and moved up to try and take down the vindicator!
The Grots and their independent character with the 2D6 strength gun hang out in the woods with an objective and a good arc of fire

The Ork forces move up on their right flank with a big squad of boys taking cover in the trees (some removed for ease of placing

Ork Turn 1 complete with only a few casualties taken by the Templars

The Landraider had also scouted as it had an Inquisitor with the Liber Heresius inside, this allowed the Terminator assault squad, Inquisitor and Emperor's Champion to get some fisticuffs on the go!

Th Templars in the wood advance with plasma guns to taken on the open topped trukk. In what was I think a pivotal moved, the vindicator scored a direct hit on the back 3 deffKoptas and they rolled a 5 and two 6's for their jinks :( These buggers would be a thorn in my side!

The other vindicator aimed for the tankbustas but scattere and popped the battle wagon instead!! A wayward shot from a Templar unit shook the tankbustas their mob rule result caused 3 deaths!

The plasma guns popped the trukk! The warlord looms...

The assaults begin and my opponent very kindly allowed me to fire the Culexus' psychic gun and it wrecked the tankbustas trukk!

The Templars assault the warlords squad...

They get pretty hammered but make a decent dent into the nobz!

I missed a few pictures taking points annoyingly in the Ork turn, but they wrecked the vindicator with a deffkopta assault and in my turn a reserve squad came on to give them hell!

The big assault finished with Orks being wiped and consolidating in a line to give myself a few choice

In the Orks turn 2 the tabkbustas had immobilised the Landraider but were decimated by its hurricane bolter sponson and the inquisitor heroically charged in to kill the nob... and was smushed by a power klaw :( The nob would later be killed by the Culexus' shooting attack though, hurrah!

A flame attack dealt a wound and combat saw a kopta brought down but at the cost of 3 marines, they held.. but for how long?

A further nob fell but the rest of the marines were wiped

The deff dreads had taken some vindicator fire and lost a hull point but another brave squad of idiots decided to act as a speed bump to the hordes advance!

In a second pivotal moment, 2 charges of 5 inches failed and the terminators and the above squad were left stranded...

The unassaulted unit consolidates there position in the woods

The dreads annihilated the marines and the squad behind pick up an objective and make merry their escape!

The handbags flail in this battle of idiots! 1 falls aside miraculously though!

The vindicator back up from the oncoming dreads

And takes a hull point off all 3 with a direct hit!

The Koptas flee combat after losing and the marines consolidate toward the objective and away from the warlords unit which has run across from the side of the table

The emperor's champions squad pursues the squad making off with the objective but the orks from the wood decide to finally enter the fight!

The koptas regroups and the warlords unit pincer the 2 brave Templars hoping to objective secure the objective!

The Boyz continue to leg it with the objective and the grots run away off the board with another. The mek? or other independent character leaves them and runs for another objective left on its lonesome

Some terminators fall to small arms fire in pursuit!

Assaulted they decimate the orks again but in a challenge the champion takes a wound and is down to 1, whiffing all his attacks.

The final deffkopta assaults the vindicator but it survives to fight another day

In the end the Orks held 4 objectives with the 2 marines falling to the warlords unit, the Mek capturing the lone objective on the right, the Termies failed to catch the running boyz and the grots snagged one off the board. The Culexus held one for me though! A comprehensive Ork victory which resulted in the following boons:

1) Tuff new mortar – Captured by Grots. Orktown buildings get AV+1.
2) Needz more nailz – Captured by Ork boyz. Orktown buildings get +1 HP
3) Da Teleporta – Captured by Big Mek. Orks 1 infantry unit may deep strike but scatters twice - was always gonna use this for Grots!
4) Lucky skull – Captured by Imperial Assassin. +1 Leadership
5) Speshul gunpowder - Captured by HQ and retinue. Re-rolls D3 to wound rolls from shooting.

So the one I got was pretty useless!!

They aren't OP as we want to have fun but in the final battle in Ork town I think it will give lots of flavour.

The next game will be a small point skirmish where the Templars attempt to defend a comms relay from the Orks as they call for aid from the nearest marines in the sector.. The Blood Angels!!

This was my first go at a report and I know its lacking in detail but do let me know what you think and if you primarily enjoyed reading it! That was my aim so it'd be nice to know how close I got to it :)

Till next time

Peace out


Thursday 30 July 2015

Cassor the Damned - finished

Hello readers!

Two posts in as many days... The world is going mad!

A very quick post today just to show off my finished Cassor the Damned, though afte taking the pictures I did dust off the excess snow from the rocks on his base so they contrast a lot more than in the pictures. But other than that the pictures show him in his glory! Finally 2 death company troop choices!!

I'm particularly happy with his blood talons and the drybrush shading I did on them. Any comments always welcomed :)

Tune in tomorrow (probably late tomorrow GMT) for another post with a narrative battle report and possibly some WIP pictures from my large to do pile!

Peace out


Wednesday 29 July 2015

Commander Dante and Cassor the Damned AKA Happy Hungover Hobby Day

Good evening readers a hungover Rob here,

This is how I have felt all damn day.

I have had this week off which is my first full week off from work n about 2 years! Consequently I spent Monday and Tuesday quite the drunkard and occasionally infused with herbs. Today has therefore been a sober day with much healthy food eaten! Example below was my lunch today, mmmmm.

So I have managed to finish painting and base my Commander Dante conversion and make good progress on my Cassor the Damned! The initial photos in this post were taken with my smart phone and then my recently purchased digital camera arrived so subsequent photos were taken on that, hopefully to a better detail overall.

I tried to take a fair amount of pictures of Commander Dante during painting though I didn't take as many as I would have liked in the final highlight stage. With his armour, I don't really like the shining gold armour look, so I have tried to make it look like a suit of armour that has seen 1100 years of warfare plus and reflects the cold ennui that Dante lingers on the precipice of.

Uploading these pictures I realise I have to paint the cables on the back of the wings but other than that he is finished and I am happy with how he looks and I'm pretty proud of what I think is a nice unique conversion. Comments on his general look are as always welcomed :)

And here are my WIP pictures of Cassor the Damned.

Cassor will be finished tomorrow and I will post him all done and I will post a battle report on friday!!

I hope you enjoyed my small slice of life and hobby today and I will see you all tomorrow :)

Peace out all