Tuesday 14 July 2015

Lemartes Guardian of the Lost

Hi readers,

Really quick post today, I sat down this evening and painted Lemartes in one sitting and I am very very happy with how he turned out. So please do give me your opinions of how he looks, he is done and dusted but any advice will always be applied to the next model! The base will still have some little bits added to it but lots of my angels only have minimum basing applied at the moment as I decide how I want to link them through basing in some cohesive sense beyond just snow themed.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think :)

Also this evening I have undercoated a vindicator and 10 neophytes for my Templars that I need to get painted for a game next week so expect rapid work on this guys.

I also undercoated my finished conversion of Dante and I don't think I will be able to resist applying a starting lick of paint to him so tune in for that and more this weekend coming :)

Peace out



  1. Looks really good Rob. Nice job :)

    I love the red highlighting especially, it works really well amd makes the red pop nicely.

    Look forward to seeing what you do with all your basing, as I feel they do let down your painting a little. A good basing scheme is really important as it does finish a mini off nicely. A well painted mini or army can be lost if the basing is rushed or poor. What do you have in mind for yours?

    1. Thanks Naf, means a lot coming from you :)!

      I've always struggled a bit with basing :( I'm quite happy with the snow effect I like how fluffy it is, or do you think the snow is a bit poor also? Its modelling snow designed for model railways that comes with its own adhesive and then I mix it with super glue if I want it to look icy.

      I know that I'm really lacking a contrasting element, which I why I have left most of my bases very flat so that I can add things on to of them and then add more snow for depth.

      What are your thoughts on Captain Karlaen's base where I added the chaos marines head?

      I'm in no massive rush to get them fully done, my death company army will hopefully be ready for Blog Wars X so I've until the start of November to sort it out!

      Thanks again for helping me get into this blogging lark, I'm blood loving it!

    2. No probs Rob :)

      I like your snow effect, I just feel it does need something to contrast in there, with mine I leave gaps in the snow for the grey sand to show through, but I think the army painter static grass would work really well. Just super glue it on and it gives an added focal point, a different texture and colour.

      Check this out, would work nicely but they do other colours as well. I use the swamp tuft for basing my carnival army. Great stuff


      Also adding elements like helmets ect is another great way to add some interest to a base. Another thing to consider is the lip colour of the base. I noticed some are red and some are black. Something as simple as changing the colour to be more symapthetic to the basing really can make a huge difference. I am not too keen on the red, especially as alot of your models are red already. Stick with the black or consider a dark brown maybe. This is all personal taste however, so just experiment until you find something you are happy with. A great base does not have to be complicated, just there to compliment your miniature without distracting too much from it.

    3. Well thats good to hear about the snow and I'm glad I left it plain to add additional detail too. I have some gravel I could add actually that is a nice cold colour so I may try that. The link looks interesting as well so when I have some hobby funds from sales of old models I may have to invest in some!

      Yeah I will be painting all the sides black for the bases but because I haven't finished basing them I figured to leave them in case I spilt glue or whatever on them, so don't worry my Jedi Master this padawan will be panting them black when all i said and done :P

  2. Some really nice work there, especially for a single night. I spent last night getting three Ravenwing landspeeders painted for a game on Thursday.

    1. Thanks Corrm! I really enjoy painting a single special character over 3-5 models at a time, it is a good 4-5 hour session though when I do do it. Astorath actually took me about 8 over an entire day to do him.

      I've been following your angels review and thoroughly enjoying them! I look forward to seeing some ravenwing battle report.

      Or even a white scars ravenwing 3000 point+ game... hint hint hint