Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Winters SEO and Moarhammer - Deployment Zone TV is Coming!!!

Hey all,

I'm a huge fan of watching battle reports whilst I paint, I love that immersion into the hobby, surrounding myself with the narrative and tactics of the game that I love - 40k. If you love that too, then I am sure that Winters SEO and Moarhammer are unlikely to be new names to you. 

But recently these to lovely fellas have joined (unholy) forces to produce a collaborative effort to bring more wonderful battle reports to our screens. Both of these chaps have the narrative joy of the game nailed down, as well as dabbling in the warpcraft that is more competitive play as well. 

We are talking beautiful terrain, beautiful armies, and epic narration of the clash of fists and fury. Not just that but a wonderful discussion of the hobby at large, behind the scenes discussion as well as tips, tactics and painting advice. 

I cannot recommend these guys enough, and I will be jumping on board and supporting them with my hard earned cash to help make it a success :) If you fancy supporting them as well, then on JUNE 1st 2018 Deployment Zone TV will go live. You can find this through the following site address:

Not a functioning link obviously as it isn't live yet, but please do check out the video above, check out Winters SEO and Moarhammer on youtube. Like and subscribe if it's your kind of things and give Deployment Zone a go. 

Peace out,



  1. I have been fpllowing Winters SEO for close to a uear now. I enjoy his presentation especially his explanation of the rules and his focus on the table top. Too many other video BRs tend to focus more on the players than the game. Winters gets it.
    So of course I will support this new venture the best I can.

  2. These guys are true legends and deserve every great comment and support,living the dream for all of us ,I'm going to the deployment zone , aren't you 😉

  3. Are either of you guys patreons as well? I try to get on the chat semi regularly, so hit me up if you are :) Im rob-not-steve

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