Monday 4 May 2015

Assassins, D&D and lazy bones

Hello everyone,

Its been a very hobby light 7 days this week. A combination of being ill and a bit of burnout from the lead up to last weekends tournament has resulted in a lack of motivation to make any real progess.

However I have picked up my Officio Assassinorum game this weekend which was exciting, not least because the box itself in a bag made for excellent impromptu protection from the rain that poured down as I left the shop!

There are a few pictures of the sprues below. I must say that on first glance the models look to be very well thought out and beautifully detailed. There a few parts, particularly on the callidus, that look especially thin and tricky but on the whole they look well thought out. Of note, the assassins all come witht he larger 32mm bases, as do the standard chaos space marines, so I anticipate that when new models get released for chaos they too are being moved over, which is re-assuring that GW are being consistent on that front.





The culexus assassin, being the go-to bad-ass when it comes to anti-psyker will be teaming up with my black templars in a themed 'we hate dem psykers' army list, but I am also very tempted to make an elite army based off my little grey knights collection but utilising the assassin formation. Sure it has a load of weakness' but I bet it will be fun and fluffy to play with or against.

The chaos models that come with the pack will be painted up to match my Night Lords and will give me some extra flexibility when it comes to fielding them with the addition of a terminator lord, some additional standard marines so I can bulk squads out and also chaos cultists. I am not a fan of running cultists with night lords, sincerely feel that night lords would view them as prey and nothing more so it just doesn't fit well with my fluffy view of the sons of nostramo. However I am considering painting/converting them up as dark mechanicus tech thralls to go with my planned mechanicus army.

Speaking of the dark mechanicus I have spent the week planning out my shopping list for these guys, I have promised myself that all the models will be converted and I am also keen to source them from third parties. This is not because of a lack of the range from GW and FW as both ranges are beautiful nor is it a desire to stick it to the man, for all GW does wrong I think they come in for a lot of stick that is unnecessary; it is simply the challenge of it that I'm interested in as well as the opportunity to really sample other miniature companies that I would otherwise never invest money in as the games, for the most part, simply aren't there.

Finally, I run a dungeons and dragons group at the moment. I'm the only member who actively participates in table top miniatures at the moment and I am the DM. Beause of this I have agreed to paint any model the players buy for their characters. Below is a picture of the first miniature I have painted which is a Gnome called Yolla. I loved painting this miniature as it was a nice change to a) only paint one miniature over an entire day and b) to paint something in a fantasy setting. I tried to get an OK OSL effect from the glowing stone in her hand and I'm relatively pleased with how it turned out but think I need a lot more practise.

Anyway, plans for next week, involve re-painting some blood angel terminators so I can try a more accomplished weathering style on them and sadly (in terms of content for the blog) kill a lot more things on Bloodborne which is eating a lot of my hobby time up.

Till next week, have a good one all!



  1. Cool beans. I like the eversor and cull kudus models very much, but feel the vindicare in particular is a very disappointing pose. Like to hear your thoughts on the game once you have played. Not gonna buy it as I am reluctant to give GW much if my dosh at the mo (buying a lot of dropzone commander presently, it is awesome)

    1. I feel the Vindicare is a definite improvement on the old model but yes, I do view it as a very much missed opportunity. However as much a I like the Callidus' pose it does present some issues when playing it in an actual game of 40k! I am considering magnetising her to the scenery so I can drop her onto a less high base for actual games.

      Having read through the rules it seems like it will be a good fun game, its just finding the time to sit down and get someone else to learn it with me!

      I really struggle to find enthusiasm for games like DZC, they look good fun, but much like RTS computer games I just enjoy the personal storyline of single model too much to switch to ships (though the Shaltari almost has me tempted.. almost!).