Friday 2 December 2016

Hobby Bonanza - Many Projects Go Forth

Hi Gang,

Today is a day of hobby administration! I have had many many things from many many projects that I have just put off and off, added to which I spent some time at my parents for my Mum's 50th birthday and so I need to do some catch up with commission painting! 

So today you're going to get a run down of all the things I am working on, basing, undercoating, building, washing and painting :) though beware the rough pictures as it would have taken far too long to put all of these in the light box for better pictures!

Immediate Commission Work

These are on the painting desk today! The two cyclone's at the front need a sepia wash and then layers/highlights. The three chain fist chaps have had the armour layered and weathered but all the other colours need basecoating before wash one. The two at the back need it all! These should be done by weekends end :)

Overdue Administration

Well that's a lot of models!!! All of the Deathwing Knights along with the Empire models and assassin bases needed sand basing before I could undercoat them and everything else which is a Ravenwing Landspeeder and 5 bikes plus an attack bike, a vindicare and an eversor plus 5 Kakophonie and an Arlatax!!! just need undercoating now.

Side Project...

And finally I've got round to doing the arduous resin washing of the rest of my Raging Hero's models that are for my special side project ;)

Hope that gives you a nice taste of whats to come on the blog! Thoughts on a postcard :)

Peace out,



  1. Fills me with dread and further reminds me why I shouldn't venture into the commissions field. I bow to your persistence :)

    1. Hahaha well not having kids certainly helps mate!

  2. Great progress on the commissions, keeping you busy!

    1. Yep! It's also really nice to paint for someone else and see them get excited about the prospect of playing them :)