Tuesday 13 December 2016

Tunnel Dweller - Heresy Miniatures

Hi gang,

I just wanted to toot the horn of an amazing miniature maker and all round awesome guy Andy Foster of Heresy Miniatures! He has two INCREDIBLE miniatures up for pre-order that will work as proxies for many a daemon and add some awesome variety in your army. I can't speak highly enough of Andy's customer service, casting quality, dedication to perfection and just all round being a nice dude :)

These models are lovingly crafted and I have seen the end products and they rule! Be sure to check out his entire range for loads of great fantasy and sci-fi wonders!

Peace out,



  1. Very cool! I've had nothing but excellent transactions with Heresy miniatures, awesome company!

    1. Andy is an absolute gent and one of the most dedicated to the hobby people I know. I wish more people bought his stuff!