Saturday 4 April 2015

The Beginning

Encouraged by various other bloggers in the tabletop wargaming world I have decided to set out on my own bloggery adventure. The aim of this blog is to give me more incentive to be productive when I am on a lazy run with painting or assembling my armies and to perhaps muse on where I am in my hobbies as well opinions and rants on all matter of flotsam and jetsam from the world.

Currently I have a finished Night Lords army and work in progress Black Templars, Blood Angels, and Militarum Tempestus in the 40K universe and I am awaiting some Taghmata Omnissiah models to begin my foray into the 30K universe. In Infinity I have a tiny 150pt Aleph army on the go which I hope to be posting a lot about my learning curve game wise and model wise.

Additionally I will be posting up general bits of scientific information that I find interesting (as I am a researcher by trade and love sharing this interest) and I am also a keen Sci-Fi short story author so will likely be posting a few of them up for people to peruse and provide constructive criticism upon.

This poster is really just the impetus for me to get all my work and models in order and get a decent catalogue of good pictures together to share. I am very new to blogger as a tool so I will undoubtedly be messing around with the blog setting as infinitum so please do tell me if something works or doesn't.

Hopefully you'll enjoy this small slice of my life and follow me along the way. Initially I plan to post once a week probably on a Sunday.

See you soon!



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere :)

    I look forward to reading and viewing all your stuff :)


    1. Hey Nafnaf,

      Completely forgot to reply to this comment! It good to have the extended Dark City community as such an encouraging an inspirational bunch of vagabonds! You and Nick in particular with your own blogs have been a big source of my drive to start collating my head into one place. Objective secured and The burning eye are great blogs to aspire too!

      See you round the blogosphere and hopefully at blog wars some time soon!


  2. Hi Robert, just started my own blog within the last month after thinking about it for a while. Good luck, looking forward to future posts.

  3. Hey Rob, Great blog here. I'll be following along too. :)