Friday 24 April 2015

Infinity Myrmidons - the Alpeh grow

I am at a tournament this weekend with my Night Lords army so I will probably be unable to update on Sunday. I wish I could promise I will take lots of notes and pictures but I am bloody hopeless when it comes to that!

I will attempt to at least get a copy of all the armies I play against and give you the results along with my general thoughts.

In the meantime I hope you will be happy to makes do with some more Infinity models!

I've finished painting and basing two of my Aleph Myrmidons, I have a couple more Myrmidons to go with these guys and the big Myrmidon bad-ass Ajax as well! That gives me a neat little 150 pt force which is brutal if it can get into close combat but packs excellent ranged fire power with combi rifles and the option of a spitfire if I need to. They also have relatively good armour (2) along with optical disruptors like a lot of Aleph that make them that much harder to hit.

If I don't have time on sunday for anything too intense I may just post up my planned 300 pt Infinity list to illustrate my ideas for this force.

Right, over and out and have a good weekend all.



  1. Cool :) I like the red recesses against the black. I have a serious Infinity bug at the moment (helped by the fact I am feeling pretty blue about 40k right now, darn you Eldar!) and a planning to paint up my Karakuri for my JSA force this week.

    Could I make a minor suggestion? I like you basing but it needs something to make it stand out a little from your models. Little parches of static grass will really help to break up the grey and add a nice visual interest to the base.

    1. Hey spellcheck! Thanks for the compliment, I'm pleased how effective and easy the look is with relatively minimal effort, I'm really digging the style of Infinity its just refreshing to have sensibly sized humans to paint!

      That's a good idea, I was quite happy with the bases (I actually think they are better painted than the models..) but now you mention it I think a few weeds coming through the cracks would probably look really good. Will have to see what I can do!