Sunday 19 April 2015

Tidying up the shelves and Aleph break from cover!

Good evening fellow wargamers!

I've had a bit of a slack week modelling wise, but I did get round to organising my collection and clearing out my army shelves so I can more accurately see what I've got. I also managed to get a fair bit of undercoating done which helps me when I just pick up and paint without having a set plan, that usually get the ball rolling for a coordinated work effort. Here you can see my Black Templars, My militarum Tempestus, my currently built blood angels (10 sternguard and 10 vanguard veterans to come!), my imperial knight castigator, and a recent addition to my collection some second hand grey knights which need an extensive repaint but are otherwise in excellent condition!

I also managed to get a 5000pt kill points game in on saturday which I lost 14-9 but had a blast with a really nice guy called Will. This was played at the Old Duke in Bristol, an excellent Jazz pub that has gaming space upstairs where people can organise games through Bristol Vanguards website if you are ever around! Plus you can hear jazz through the floor and get a pint! Here's a quick snap of turn 2 or 3 in progress

In terms of painting work I have started on my second infinity Aleph Myrmidon model, I haven't got any WIP pictures but I have a few pics of my first Myrmidon before it was based, hopefully I will have the second one painted and based this week and then get a pair of the two together along with Ajax their commander in a half built state:

My current 150pt army consists of 4 Myrmidons with Ajax as their leader, I just couldn't say no to a giant angry man with a hammer! I have plans to buy some netrods and posthum proxy models so I can run them. These models allow you to have 3 models on the table but with one "consciousnes" operating them. This consciousness can jump from model to model operating orders in turn, it sounds tricky to utilise in game but the fluff concept is too tantilising to pass up!

Relatively short post today, if anyone has any questions or criticisms, or suggestions for the blog or my writing style as a whole, please do let me know, I'm hoping only to improve in all areas.

Over and out,



  1. Hi man, looking good there - wanna see some blood angels progress next though!

  2. Cheers Nick!

    I burnt myself out somewhat on my black templars so the Angels will probably get started up again in late May (I have a work trip to Hong Kong that interferes but can't complain too much!).

    I honestly don't know how you have kept up your incredible pace with your blogwars dark eldar without compromising at all on the quality, they look stunning.

    If you haven't got it already I recommend getting Shield of Baal: Exterminatus it has some excellent formations in it that inject a little more flavour into the Blood Angels codex (Though I think its v.well done anyway).

    Ta again!