Thursday, 26 April 2018

Heidelbrach - Ancient of the Sons of Wrath

Hey hey hey,

Been a while since you first saw this guy. He had some bendy treatment on the old flag (Cheers Siph!) and is currently about 90% painted, still plenty to go on his flag in terms of highlights and the like, but getting there. Like all The Sons of Wrath he will need decals and battle damage adding after that mind.

Quite pleased with the look of the banner at the moment, just a shame it is pointing down :P...

Peace out,



  1. I love these guys, it's definitely a fine line between having a dynamic pose with the banner and getting to show the front off. Are you considering putting anything on the back of it? Even some litanies might help break up the back jsut a bit and help you feel better about the cool front side not being face up. That's the side you're goign to see most anyway, your opponent might see the front a bit so it's what I'd do.

  2. Yes! No problem mate, the small tweak gives a lot more dynamism to the thrusting flag, looks great! Lovely paint job too, will you treat us to a round up post and vid when these are finished? I liked your goofy voice in the Dark Angels vid ;) ha ha

  3. I love the pose with the banner, even if it obscures the view. Bravo!