Thursday 11 June 2015

Blood Angel Progress

Hello dear readers!

I have some Blood Angel progress to share with you today including a little group shot of my growing painted force. This will be a short post, but I have booked this Sunday off from friends family and the girlfriend specifically so I can review the rules in the new Space Marines Code that are pertinent to the Black Templars which by now we know are still included! And the rumours all indicate we have received a nice boost, but I shall go into that in more detail when on Sunday when I have the facts in my hands.

For now I will show you my progress on Captain Karlaen. The last picture I put up was the good Captain in the latter stages of basecoating:

And he looked like this last night:

And now the dapper fellow looks like this:

I am relatively pleased with how he has come out, but once again I look at him and I see so much that I wish was better. The face is better than I expected but still seems very flat and I am also surprised how not unhappy I am with the cloak as I expected to really really struggle with that. All in all a not too shabby average job on him. Still hoping to make marked improvements as I move forward, but part of that will be dedicating more time and certainly patience to the hobby.

I have become a little tired of painting red for the moment so I decided to have a go at painting Raphen's Death Company which I have made up. When I painted my Templars I ran their black by line highlighting but I was not very good at it, so on the Death Company I decided to try dry brushing with Dawnstone with the following (poorly photographed) result:

I am relatively happy with the effect actually and it was nice to just do some heavy drybrushing to be quite honest. I am looking forward to putting some colour on these guys on Sunday as well as writing my review of the Black Templars.

Finally here are a couple of group shots of what I have painted so far. My main gripe with this group is the whiteness of the Hammernators but I am reluctant to go over it as I have already done so several times and I feel the detail is just about on the edge of being lost so I think I will just put up with it:

Righto that it for today! I still have plenty of stuff to paint in the months to come of both Templar and Angel Variety so hopefully you'll keep with me!

Peace out,



  1. Captain looking great rob! The white looks good to me, but the painter is always more critical!

    1. Thanks Greg, I think I was in a bad mood when I wrote this, looking back at him I am pleased with how he turned out, invested in some new brushes so hopefully they'll aid my improvement! Ta again!

  2. You have done a great job on the captain Rob. Dont be too hard on yourself. Every painter always sees the fault of his/her painting and your army is shaping up really nicely. You will see an improvement the more you paint, and I bet you can see some already from the first model to the captain you have just done. :)

    1. Thanks Naff, as I said above, bad mood probably contributed to the sulky writing :P I have noticed how much better I am since my first garish Dark Eldar models but still hoping to get better and perhaps attain heights such as yours! Loved seeing pics of your blog wars army.

  3. He looks very good to me, your force is coming together nicely!

    1. Thanks Nick, and thanks for the brush recommendation, picked up some windsor newtons and they are brilliant!