Friday 5 June 2015

Musings + Finished Dreadnought (mostly) and WIP Captain Karlaen

An early post for me this week as I will be off up north at the weekend for a family reunion. As nice as it will be I really want a weekend where I can sit down and just crack on with my hobby for a solid two days. I'm determined to make some serious headway into my Blood Angels over the coming couple of months and hopefully finish off some Black Templars Vanguard.

With regards to my Blood Angels, I now have 5 Hammernators and a Furioso Dreadnought finished and Captain Karlaen on the go as you will see below. This leaves a lot to do! I have 2 drop pods to finish filing ready for an undercoat, I have 5 lightning claw terminators ready for a lick of paint that I am hoping to start on Tuesday depending on my train times and then I have a librarian in terminator armour that needs undercoating and also Raphens Death Company. Thats all the built stuff... but I still have 10 sternguard veterans, 10 vanguard veterans and 10 blood angel tactical marines that need building! I need to pick up 32mm bases for the veterans as I want them to match the other power armoured infantry in the army.

Primarily my blood angels will be set up around the archangels strike force which allows 2 HQ in terminator armour and then a crap load of elite choices! These guys can re-roll reserve rolls in this formation (and possibly again if Captain Karlaens ability stacks with that? Anyone know?) and they are a fun fluffy way to field expensive units that will probably get destroyed post-haste! 

Raphens Death Company and the tactical squad are there to give me the option of utilising a CAD if I so wish. I also have 20 old metal scouts that are awaiting stripping before painting, originally these were going to form the neophytes for my fluffy templars list so I could have a black/red tide of 40 marines plus neophytes storming towards the enemy as the emperors champion rocks up in his crusader with a terminator squad. Lovely stuff. However I am going to hang fire on getting started on these because of the rumours surrounding the Black Templars being squatted from the vanilla marine codex, I'm hoping they are still there but if not I will make a nice scout heavy force for my Blood Angels so all is not lost.

I'm hoping to make it to two other tournaments this year with Fluffageddon going on in September and Blog Wars 10 happening in November (here is a link to Blog Wars 9 if you are interested). Both of these are happening at the Stockport Gaming Centre that I have heard a lot about but have never been so the prospect of a couple of weekend of good gaming here really excites me. If anyone in the south west would like to attend and provide a car share to save me an exorbitant train fare as well as have half your petrol paid, do drop me a line :).

Anyway that is enough of my ramblings for this week. Here is pictures of the mostly finished Dreadnought, I noticed there is some grey under one of the arms that needs touching up and when I get confident enough I would like to add battle damage to him (as well as to the termies already painted)

And here is the colour blocking mostly done on Captain Karlaen, his rules are OK but he very nicely fills the special character fulfillment for Blog Wars should I choose to take Blood Angels and he fulfills the terminator HQ for the Archangel formation so he's handy in that sense!

Obviously a long way to go with him, I've been sloppy and spilt blue all over the place gah! I need to finish blocking out the blue, overlay the brown with auric armour gold and then the model will be liberally washed with sepia/agrax in varying measures.

Any thoughts, comments and criticisms (if constructive) are always welcome :)

Peace out



  1. Very nice Rob! Dreadnought looks great. Good job on the base, really pops the model!

    1. Thanks Greg! I was pleased with how the base turned out and I wish I had coloured my regular infantry a similar blue base colour now! Thanks again :)

  2. Yep the dread does look cool :) i really like the space hulk captain model as well, such a great pose and the details are good too.
    Came back from blog wars yest. Managed to get 5th place somehow (although I am sure there must be some mistake, so when he posts the results I will be able to confirm ;) )

    1. Cheers Naf! Well done on your 5th place! I should be so lucky to place as high in any tournament! I read the battle report of your match against white scars on standrewgamings blog and it sounded a doozy! Check out my most recent post for the finished Captain pic :)