Tuesday 7 February 2017

Game 3 vs Winters SEO - Coming Soon!

Hey gang,

So on Sunday I travelled to see Winters SEO for the third time and do battle with my Auxilia against his latest army - The Sons of Horus! It was, as usual, an absolutely cracking game with lots of laughter involved and delicious cheese and onion pastries. Mmmm. 

The game should be out in a few weeks which I will link to once its up, but for now here are just a few pics of the battlefield and the armies, you should be able to make out my finished Stormblade hiding in the corner ;)

Hopefully that has whetted your appetite for madness and mayhem! 

Peace out,



  1. How long has he had the sons of Horus? They look awfully good... I hope you got to fire that big nasty plasma thing at least once!

    1. Only a short while, check out his SoH overview vid :)

  2. Will look forward to seeing that. Thanks for heads up