Wednesday 29 March 2017

Rampager Squad - WIP

Hey yo!

So some rough and ready painting last night! I'm keen to get my shattered legion force up and running at 2500 point so I can get some decent fluffy games in with it. I'm not going to be putting vast amounts of effort into painting the remaining models apart from a certain special someone..

But considering these were only built the other day and I got all this done in a few hours I'm pleased with how they've turned out thus far! They need basing to match the Emperor's Children and then blood spatter applying as well as eyes and such picking out. 

I also managed to build the three world eater jetbikes last night as well as finish building and undercoating 5 Sons of Horus heavy weapon marines. I only need to build a World Eaters Legion Champion and then my Sons of Horus HQ and command squad and then the army is built and just needs painting!

Peace out,



  1. Sweeeeeet - They look hard as nails and very scary. Good stuff, man!

  2. I think Mr Twohammer's is my favourite for sure. Were did you get them from?

    The right arm and shoulder on the last photo doesn't look healthy at all.

    1. I do like Hammers as well! Though single big axe dude is also funky.

      Both arms on the spear dude are just from AoS so they are a bit gangly but they are in proportion with each other :)