Monday 11 January 2016

Ravenwing update and Dark Talon WIP

Hi Guys,

Just a quick update of my Ravenwing bike squad along with a snap shot of where my Dark Talon is at right now. I put the attack bike and the sergeant to one side and just focused on the regular guys plus the two special weapons in this squad. These special weapons will be melta guns but  my next squad will have grav guns on them I think.

They are nearly finished they just need the bolters finishing off which are nearly there and the riders torsos completing, with the legs and the backpacks all done apart from verdigris adding to all the bronzed bits, but I like to do that all in one go so I judge it more or less the same across all the models.

You can see where I have taped off and blue tacked the wings so I can just paint the angel aspect of it separately, though I'm still a little unsure how I am going to tackle that. If anyone is interested the torsos in that picture have only received the drakenhoff nightshade wash at this point.

I'm also undecided on the colours for the OSL on the headlight, I'm lurching between a cold dark green and a warm red/orange. Any thoughts from you peoples as to which I should go for?

Peace out,



  1. They're looking excellent mate! I'm gonna have to figure out some way of doing a convincing very dark blue/black for the trousers on my guard soon - not looking forward to figuring that one out!

    1. Thanks dude! I'm stuck on green or orange for the eyes and headlight though. Thoughts?

      I would try dark reaper with a light accent of altdorf blue and an extreme accent of hoeth or calgar blue. You could then wash it in drakenhoff to blend the highlights into each other.