Saturday 9 January 2016

The Leviathan Looms...

Just a tease of what is coming...

Don't worry he isn't h-armless....

Peace out,



  1. Great to see you got a Leviathan! It is a fantastic looking model, perhaps even my favorite of all of the dreadnoughts released by Forge World. It really captures a lot of the visual elements of the 40k dreadnoughts.

    I recently purchased one too and am slowly preparing all of the pieces for assembly. Mine was cast surprisingly well and will require minimal greenstuff work (unlike some of the Forge World stuff I have...)

    How are you planning to arm yours? I quite like the look of the autocannons.

    1. Thanks man, just checking out your blog, some seriously sweet stuff going on there!

      My leviathan is currently soaking in soapy water but I didn't notice any major issues with it so hopefully similar to yours!

      I currently have two siege claws and an autocannon, I don't think I'll go pure shooty with it though but definitely will be equipping the phosphex discharger and probably the volkite option too.

      Because he's going to be Alpha Legion I will either be infiltrating with him or I will be purchasing a dreadnought drop pod for him. Either way I hope to have him in the enemies face turn two!