Thursday 7 January 2016

The Great Airbursh Adventure - 2016

Hey Folks,

After continuing struggles with streaking from washes on vehicles with larger flat surfaces I finally plumped up for a cheap beginners airbrush. This will be used to apply washes more evenly on miniatures as well as take advantage of being able to apply basecoats easily.

Here is the box it came in for a modest £55:

So it comes with a dinky little compressor that can output at approximately 10, 15 and 25 PSI. The airbrush itself is no good for detail work but will be (has been) great for the basecoating process and applying washes evenly. I plan on acquiring an additional brush later in the year to have a go at detail work, there are a few ok looking budget brushes so I won't be blowing more than £30 on that.

Here's the little beggar himself (I shall call him Jeffrey). The top button turns the compressor on and off and the lower button allows you to cycle through the PSI settings. The cup for paint is nice and large which is perfect for its intended use of batch washing or basecoating miniatures.

In the coming month I should have a few examples of how it can help without getting into the full on airbrush experience as it were, I'm still skeptical that an airbrush for the detail will actually improve my painting at all, but I will have a go and see how we fly.

Peace out,



  1. Hi Rob - have you done an update as to how you've gotten on with this airbrush? I'm thinking of buying one for basecoating, etc - and wondered whether you'd still recommend this one. Thanks in advance, Nick

    1. Hi Nick! If you look at my mechanicum, all the yellow was laid down with the airbrush but that was just spraying repeated layers of seraphim sepia over a zenithal undercoat. I think once you get the paint thinning down this would be an ideal airbursh for basecoating but not for detail work. I've really enjoyed being able to batch base coat models in a fraction of the time. But still go to my brush for detail at the moment. Hope that helps :)