Thursday 14 January 2016

Counts as Caestus Assault Ram - Nearing Completion

Howdy do,

I've been in a very building mood this week and have been cracking on with various things that should crop up soon in a post of some form, painting has just been an effort of late on anything but my Ravenwing and I get distracted easily. This is irritating as otherwise I would have them do quick sharp. 

Anyway, here is one of the last pictures you saw of my WIP Caestus assault ram, which takes inspiration from the top left FW concept drawing above.

And here it is in its current form:

I know it looks scraggy and not exactly like the ram itself etc etc, I have had many people point this out as if I wasn't aware... Slight rage. The scraggy quality should clean up fine when I take a file and some sand paper to the excess glue and green stuff smooth over some of the more apparent bits.

That said any thoughts?

The top right turret will have a front added to it to make it look like a cockpit after previous comments made me think that was the right aesthetic choice. So input is gladly received :)

Peace out,



  1. I like it. It looks like it should, like something that gives no fucks about the laws of physics and is going to smash its way through anything with sheer brute force no matter what.

    1. Thanks man, always good to hear from an excellent and avid converter like yourself :)