Saturday 13 February 2016

Dark Angels Vs Space Wolves tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

I have my first game if the year with my Dark Angels tomorrow. I will be facing a Space Wolves list from the "new" codex and seeing what the wulfen can do (though proxied!). This is actually a rough practise game for my local tournament Vanquish. 

The tournament pack for this year is really cool as it restricts the armies to using only a CAD or a codex specific force org chart, so no formations! I really like this pack as a different flavour of gaming to play with. 

With that in mind the list I will be taking is below. Its by no means optimised as its based on what I have built/painted/can build quickly!

Librarian - level 2, conversion shield, bike, shroud of heroes

Librarian - level 2, conversion shield, jump pack, Lion's roar

Deathwing Terminator - 1 assault cannon, 2 chainfists

Scout Squad - camo cloaks, sniper rifles

3 x Tactical squad - plasma cannon

Tactical squad - plasma gun

Assault Squad - jump packs, 2 x flamer, sergeant has power maul

Ravenwing bike squad - 3 bikers with 2 x melta guns, attack bike with melta. Sergeant has power fist

Ravenwing bike squad - 4 bikers with 2 x plasma gun. Sergeant has power axe

Devastator squad - 4 grav cannon with grav amp, sergeant has combi-grav, drop pod with storm bolter

So the bike Librarian is a bastard to kill. With the shroud of heroes (and on his own) he has a 2+ jink, a 3+ armour save, a 4+ invulnerable AND a 5+ FNP!! Awesome. He will be running on interromancy to see if he can use mind worm on some poor sap...

The other librarian will probably run on telepathy/telekinesis and will be running with the assault squad, a decent unit that can grab objectives and be an annoyance, but no great threat. 

Both of the bike squads can also grab objectives as well as putting out plenty of fire power at AP1 or AP2.

The devastator squad can drop in turn 1 and take on the biggest threat it can see!!

The scouts and tactical squads will just objective sit, dealing out BS2 overwatch to an opponent that relies on close combat so that's tasty! They can also put out a decent amount of fire power with AP2 in all units (only on a 6 for the snipers). 

The deathwing are only really in this list to round out the points, if it was built I would be taking a dark talon instead. But in its absence I have built the push fit terminators from Dark Vengeance. I'm not that confident in using them to be honest and expect them to be a bit of a weakness in my army. 

I know its pretty plain, but with the restriction to a CAD I think it should do OK!

Hope to have a report up for you on monday or tuesday!

Peace out,



  1. Not bad, considering that you've largely been building toward a Lion's Blade instead of a CAD. Best of luck with it!

    1. Yeah it was a very hodge podge list, certain elements performed very well, others (Assault squad) are really pants without objective secured from the demi-company

  2. Good luck, teach those puppies a lesson!

    1. I taught them that Dark Angels give you severe indigestion...

  3. The Librarian on bike is pretty tough. The only bad point is as long as he jinks his fire witch type psychic powers (mind worm!) would need a roll of 6 as they are considered as gun shooting.. Anyway still a die hard character. Give'em boot!

    1. I'm glad you mentioned this as it meant I switched his power rolling to telepathy/telekinesis (cant remember which) and the jump pack librarian rolled with mind worm instead, ta!

  4. Interesting list, very different to my own style (did you know that some Dark Angels don't have black armour?!?!), will be keen to see how it does.

    1. Well as Westrider said, I'm heavily gearing for a Lion's Blade... The ravenwing squads were excellent in all ways but I used them poorly sadly! I've been reading your bat reps to get some more rounded ideas :)